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Ergo Proxy is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series
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Daedalus Yumeno

RE-l Mayer's personal physician and head of the Proxy Research Team

Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy is a immortal being that suffers a split personality; He is also the direct clone of proxy 1. Ergo Proxy's alter-ego is a seemingly young guy named Vincent law, a wanna-be citizen of a corrupted city. Ergo Proxy also goes by the title "Emissary Of Death".


An old man, leader of the Commune


Re'l's robotic partner in crime. in the city of Rondo every citizen of age has their very own autoraiv. Iggy is as caring as any android in the series can be. He later kidnaps Re'l to protect her ever since being infected. Soon after that he reaches his unfortunate demise.


Kazkis proxy is a character from the Ergo Proxy series; He lives alone in asura dome. When met with Vincent he tries to tell him that he is a proxy and that Vincent had killed his love. Later on, he and Ergo do battle leaving Kazkis on the losing end.


Raul Creed's personal Auto-Reiv.

Monad Proxy

Monad proxy is the 13th proxy; She was held to hold all the memories of Ergo proxy. She at one point chased Vincent, killing people in the process. Later she is killed by him. She is recreated in Re'ls image and becomes a more angelic proxy.


A child companion Autoreiv infected with the Cogito virus who accompanies Vincent Law and Re-L Mayer on their Journey.

Proxy One

Main enemy of Ergo Proxy


Quinn is a strange woman who lives within the commune

Raul Creed

Director-General of the Citizen Security Bureau.

Re-l Mayer

A member of the Citizen Intelligence Bureau of Romdeau investigating a series of murders comitted by Cogito-infected robots. She soon finds herself involved in the great mistery of the Proxies.

Vincent Law

Vincent Law, the main protagonist of the Ergo Proxy series. He and Ergo proxy are both the same being; Vincent suffers from a split personality. Later on in the series he realizes he is in fact the Emissary Of Death after puting the peaces to his fragmented past together.

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