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Far in the future the fate of entire nations is placed in the hands of crafted beings, who represent more then just the best & worst of all that there is about the societies they including the truth. They rule by proxy as their creators are now Long Dead

What do you do when the war will never end, when madness rules supreme when the weight of office becomes to much to bear. When your conscience gets in the way of victory for you & your people. In Ergo Proxy in means the genetic engineering of the super man to continue the war while the important (the rich or the powerful) run away from earth in space ships until the war is over.

An arms race of super men began but such limits were placed among the creation of these Ubermensch (in order to safe guard the planet from complete & utter annihilation). They will die if they come in to contact with pure sunlight. They are immortal, they can not commit suicide, They must fight each other to the death either through each others national resources, people missile's propaganda or through personal combat. They can not breed or create life like them or surrender they must win or die.

Over time the knowledge of these single individuals ruling the nations in place of earths original rulers has faded. Their name forgotten. The Proxy as they are known masters of man & machine can not evolve can not change can not come home again after war they begin to go insane. That is until one day far in the future one by one each individual Proxy fails either through incompetence or intentionally to protect their nations from attack.

Society through out the world slowly one by one disappears. That is until there is only one fully functioning society left Romdeau, built to protect its citizens after a global ecological disaster thousands of years prior. In this utopia, humans and AutoReivs (androids) coexist peacefully under a total management system. Ergo Proxy examines the idea of conscience & free will given to these ancient Proxy of mankind especial One Proxy the first Proxy, Proxy One.

Proxy One, is the oldest most powerful most ruthless & terrible of all the Proxies created by man. He is single-handedly responsible for the death of nearly all other civilizations either directly or through political manipulation. He has won the right of his nation to rule the earth under it's political agenda. Except he doesn't really want to, he doesn't want to win or to let anyone else win either, as Proxy one has come to the conclusion that this is not a war about ideals any longer, but a war of pointlessness.

To win it all only to realize that there is nothing worth winning in the first place is more then the already fragile ego of Proxy One can take & maybe allot of guilt for all the horror he has caused. He creates an alter Ego to absorb the idea of what the world has become & form a new fresh perspective from it's ash's. He creates an exact Twin of himself with no memory, yet all of his strengths & power but with none of his memory, this version of Proxy One thinks he's a simple human imaginary. Proxy one calls him Ergo Proxy

(Cogito ergo sum - proxy- to rule in place of another more legitimate ruler) (I think there for I am a Puppet) a rather witty self deprecating play on words by the writer. When Ergo Proxy is ready to know the truth he will return to his creator either to rule die or kill Proxy One. after traveling the earth killing the remnants of other Proxies living in the ruins of history. Now free of the original programing by the death of Proxy One at the hands of Ergo proxy, the old rulers of earth return from outer space convinced the war is over.

Unknown to them that one of the Proxies Ergo Proxy the most powerful of all the Genetically engineered supermen is Now free of the original programing of his masters long dead & dust. Finally free to live life & love to come home from the war a changed man with a clean conscience.

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Name: Ergo Proxy
Name: エルゴプラクシー
Romaji: Erugo Purakushii
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