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The Equalists are an organization of extremists lead by the mysterious Amon who promote equality between benders and non-benders.


The Equalists are an organization that claim that they want equality not only in Republic City, but all over the world. Its members claim that there has been dispairity and oppression of non-benders since the beginning of time and now is the time to take a stand against those that wish to harm the weak. The group is lead by the enigmatic Amon, who claims that he was scarred by a firebender when he was a child and is stuck wearing a mask. He acts as the main speaker at Equalist events, organizing underground rallies to promote the equality that he and his followers desire greatly. In order to build up a legion of dedicated followers, he and his right hand man, the Lieutenant, have raised an army of chi-blockers who can disable the powers of a bender. Amon has also shown that he has talents in the ancient art of energybending: a technique that can rob away a person's ability to bend permanently. However, their ideology is a bit skewed as their logic falls into the category of "don't blame the person, blame the art".

On the surface, they seem to be a standard group that wish to be treated fairly in a newly technological world. In reality, the Equalists are an extremist group who will go to great, violent lengths to achieve their goals. They have been seen kidnapping benders for public displays which are close to executions, ganging up on the weak, terrorizing innocent people, bombing buildings, and building machines that can easily take a person's life. With Amon leading the group, the careful calculating man he is, the Equalists have made their mark on Republic City as they vow to do the same to the whole world.

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1st anime episode: The Legend of Korra #1
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