Episode Capricorn Vol.1

Episode Capricorn Vol.1 is an anime episode of Starry☆Sky that was released on 12/23/2010

  Yoh was remembering when he was a child his telescope falls of his hands, and a girl picked it up, Yoh and the little girl sitting on the grass started to talk and the girl started to talk about the sky, the asked him if he likes the sky, which Yoh nodded a yes she said that everytime she watches the sky she feels a very extrange sensation, because the sky can be seen from anywhere; the girl saw Yoh's eyes and just says his eyes were beautiful, to Yoh's surprise since other people just says that they look like a magician's eyes.   

The girl just reply with "if you could use magic it would be more fantastic", after that the girl intruduce herself as Tsukiko YahisaYoh's mother enters his room and asked him if he already packed all his belongings, he apologise to her for his selfish request, she left and Yoh conteplaning the sky, he thought about her and that soon he would be able to see her again. 

In the next scene, Yoh is seen in front of the academy's entrance, his room teacher Naoshi, explains Yoh about the lifestyle of the students and exclam that men are everywhere, Naoshi explains that the school was a boys academy up until recently they started to accept girls, he also explains that the school is divided into 6 departments: Star Observation, Astronomy, Mythology, Universe, Constellations, and Occidental Adivination, Yoh asked that mostly all the students are all boys so there should be at least one girl, and Naoshi just reply that there is only one girl, Yoh also asked her name, which Naoshi replied "Tsukiko Yahisa".

The next scene is memory of Yoh with both his parents eating in the garden, they were talking about a how Roul's (Yoh's father) tesis might be accept in very well known asosiation in the United States and that if acepted they would need to move from France(where they live) to the United States, in that moment Tsukiko appeared on his memory, then Yoh asked his parents if they could listen to his selfish request, he says he wants to go back to Japan before going to the States, his father just laughed and says he found his most precious star and he hugged his wife, he says to yoh that he can go and look for his own star, he can go for 3 months since that is the time for the tesis' to be accepted. 

 Tsukiko is talking to 2 guys (Kanata & Suzuya) in the classroom, when Naoshi-sensei enters and asked for their attention, he asked Yoh to intruduce himself, Yoh in his way to sit on his place Tsukiko says "nice to meet you" which Yoh disagrees and says that it was not the first time they meet, to Tsukiko's surprise.    

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Nobuhiro Takamoto Director
Makoto Nakamura Series Composition
Maki Fujii Character Artist/Designer
Tomoki Kikuya Music He is a music composer and arranger. He has worked on series such as Hidamari Sketch, Pani Poni Dash, Tona-Gura! ,and Potemayo.
Hozumi Gôda Sound Engineer Voice actor - played Chirico Cuvie in Votoms and Joker in Read or Die.


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