Episode 9

Episode 9 is an anime episode of Diabolik Lovers that was released on 11/18/2013

Plot Summary

Richter opens the episode talking to himself about rejoining with someone soon. Getting away from the creepy uncle, Yui awakens in her bed with her heart pounding and that familiar sharp pain in her chest. She decides to get out for a while to clear her head, she passes the lake Ayato was drowned in a lot, and finally ends up near a mausoleum. As she approaches, some bats fly at her making her shriek and wave them off. A disembodied voice calls to ask whose there, and for once in anime history, Yui recolonizes him by his voice.

From the entryway to the dead people home, Yui peers in and sees Shu lying on a bench, or maybe a grave, reading a yellow book that defies physics by laying on one leg with no support. He tells her to come over to him, in which she obliges and approaches him. However, the moment she's standing beside him, he flips her onto her back in the spot where he'd been sitting moments ago.

She struggles against him to no avail and he strokes her neck, commenting on how good her skin looks. He bites her throat and pulls back after a little bit. Shu comments that he's surprised how she's bleeding faster and that its incredibly hot. To himself he mumbles how that must be because the Awakening was approaching. To that Yui tries to ask him what it was, but he simply goes back to feeding on her.

Yui tries to shove him with her free hand, only to have him grab it. He then tells her that there are more than one place on her body to which he can feed. Shu smells the skin of her wrist and says that he can smell the sweet blood being pumped under the skin. He bites her there and takes blood for a while when Yui asks him again what the Awakening is.

This time he stops feeding and replies that he didn't know what it was because all the other brides had died before the Awakening had happened. She then asks him what the purpose of the bride was and why they were called a bride but Shu says he doesn't know and to ask Richter, in which he points out that his uncle had been there the entire time.

The brothers' uncle steps out from his hiding place and walked over to the two of them. Shu gets up, picking up his yellow violin book, before leaving them, obviously having no interest in being around his uncle. Richter begins by apologizing to Yui about his nephew's behavior in which Yui asks her questions about the brides. He tells her that the brides aren't brides at all, but girls of a certain age from the church that are used as a sacrifice. Yui sighs with relief, sure that her father isn't apart of this business and then asks him why she was chosen. He then replies that she shouldn't be so arrogant as to think that was she selected, instead that girls of a certain age were randomly selected.

For a moment she's shocked by his words, but then doubles over when her chest pains hit again. Richter gives her a look of disdain before something clicks to him. He begins to get excited and begins going off about seeing his beloved and that the time was almost upon them. A dramatic wind blows in and Richter leans down next to Yui's doubled-up form and tells her that its time. Her eyes take on the glazed look from Episode 7 and she follows Richter to the attic in which he sees Yui's father's journal and remarks that its no longer needed before ht turns it to ash. He opens a secret bookcase doorway in which he tells Yui to enter and she obediently does.

Inside is a small room and in the center back wall is Cordelia's dress displayed up on a small stage. Richter tells Yui not to be afraid tp touch it because it was hers. She touches the flower on the bosom of the dress where blood oozes out in an alarming amount. For a moment she is snapped back to reality before Cordelia's ghost takes over Yui's body. She turns to Richter and calls him and which he gets excited because his dead lover is now inside of Yui's body.

In the mansion somewhere, Shu abruptly wakes up, feeling something is wrong. Reiji in his room stops his experiment and looks around also feeling something is wrong. Laito is about to make a shot in a pool game against himself when he also feels the wrongness. In the wax figure hall, Kanato makes a face of surprise before a knowing look crosses it and he hugs his Teddy. Subaru is moodily gazing out the window at the moon that was now a bloody red and looks back inside the manor alarmed. Ayato wakes from a nap on the on the couch, feeling something is deeply wrong.

He jumps off his sleeping place and runs into Yui's room, only to find that she's not there. On her bed he spots her cross and he walks over to it before grabbing it, visibly shaken.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinobu Tagashira Director
Kousuke Toriumi Audio/Sound Theme Song Performance
Hikaru Midorikawa Audio/Sound Theme Song Performance
Yuki Hayashi Music Yuki Hayashi is a Japanese animator and episode director for anime.


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