Episode 8

Episode 8 is an anime episode of Natsuyuki Rendezvous that was released on 08/23/2012

Atsushi, who is still controlling Hazuki's body, leaves a message for Rokka in the form of flower arrangements from her past. Once Rokka concludes that Hazuki has stolen all of Atsushi's things, she sets out to get them back. Meanwhile, in dream land, mini-Rokka explains to Hazuki that if he stays in this world for too long, he might end up forfeiting his body to Atsushi and be stuck here forever.

Plot Summary

Atsushi (in Hazuki's body) at the bank
Atsushi (in Hazuki's body) at the bank

The flower arrangements that Atsushi left for Rokka used all of her favorite flowers and from her past. For example, one of the arrangements was the exact same one that Atsushi gave to her on her second birthday. Also, all of Atsushi's tools, including his sketchbook, hiking gear and a backpack are gone from the shop. Since Rokka doesn't know that Atsushi is controlling Hazuki's body, she is worried about what is going on, and isn't sure how she should feel about everything, if she should be mad at Hazuki or if she still hasn't gotten over Atsushi's death. Atsushi goes to the bank and withdraws the maximum amount of money. Rokka calls, and asks for him to return the potted plant that was in Atsushi's room. Atsushi just hangs up.

Rokka realizes Atsushi's things are gone
Rokka realizes Atsushi's things are gone

Rokka remembers how sometimes she would watch a TV travel program with Atsushi at the hospital and always said, "let's go there someday." Atsushi made a comment about how she would be able to go to all those places after he's gone and she remarries. Rokka stops him and says it doesn't matter where they are as long as she can be with Atsushi. Rokka sets out to find Hazuki, she is wearing hiking gear and a large backpack much like the one that Atsushi is seen wearing. Rokka calls in Miho to look after the shop. Meanwhile, Atsushi resumes drawing in his sketchbook which causes mermaid-Rokka in dreamland to turn back into mini-Rokka. It is implied that Atsushi is going hiking to find a place to plant the potted plant.

Hazuki won't be left behind
Hazuki won't be left behind

In dreamland, Hazuki starts drifting in and out of consciousness and reliving past memories with Rokka. Then mini-Rokk tells Hazuki that if he doesn't find a way back to his body soon, and if he forgets that he is in a dream land, then he will die, be stuck here forever and give up his body to Atsushi. This means that Atsushi would be reunited with Rokka. However, even Rokka does not know who she is in love with (Atsushi or Hazuki), and Hazuki doesn't want to end up getting suckered by Atsushi.

Points of Interest

  • The occasional bandage on Rokka's forehead is because there is a hook in her closet that sometimes scratches her when she walks past it.

Characters & Voice Actors

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