Episode 6

Episode 6 is an anime episode of Diabolik Lovers that was released on 10/21/2013

Plot Summary

Kanato apparently is a really good singer and decides to show off his singing skills to the world by sitting on a ledge of the second story of the mansion. He is singing a lullaby, possibly told by his murdered mommy, called "The Scarborough Fair." In the middle if his lovely performance, sung in English, Yui disrupts him and asks him if he was the one singing. Immediately one of his screws falls loose and he snaps at Yui. She then decides to push things in the way main characters do and asks to get down from his seat on the railing. He comments on how cute Yui looks scared and anxious of him which she denies. They proceed to have a back and forth conversation just clarifying the fact that Yui wanted Kanato to get down. He then tells her that he'd get down if she gave him a kiss, Yui is bewildered for a moment but then Kanato tells her he was joking and says he'll comply to get down. However, instead of just turning and getting up like a normal person, he stands on the railing much to Yui's dismay. He gives her a smile and leans back, falling down the two stories.

Yui goes down to the courtyard where Kanato's body lays, unmoving and staring straight up. She asks in the most uncaring voice, "Are you okay?" He replies like Yui should know its incredibly difficult to kill vampires. Yui then asks him if he wanted to die where he replied that he did sometimes but not at the moment. He pops up and tells Yui that he wants to show her something, in which Yui has not learned her lesson about being along with crazy shotas.

Of all the creepy places, Kanato takes her to a marble building filled with wax figurines of what appear to be brides. For once she voices her complaint about him taking her to this place. He ignores her and begins to talk about how soulless the brides were like Teddy, with Yui's accidental encouragement, he continues to go on about not having soulds before turning his attention to Yui and telling her she'd look beautiful as a wax figure. At first shocked she backs away and tells Kanato she wants to leave but he stalks toward her going off about translucent skin and dead eyes.

He backs her against the far wall and starts yelling that if she became on the soulless that Teddy would have a new friend and Kanato would love her more, according to him, which was what she wanted. Kanato gets in her faces and asks what color marble he should use for her eyes. Going into that hyper mode of his he continues to ramble before biting Yui's throat and claiming he was going to drain her of blood. However when he stops drinking he begins to choke her, but doesn't get far when Ayato breaks up the fun and tells Kanato that Reiji wanted him.

The crazed shota drops Yui and walks off like nothing had happened. On the floor Yui was coughing and trying to get her breath back, Ayato was beginning to leave when she stopped him. She thanked him for saving her but he replies that he was just sent to get Kanato. He walks toward and leans down beside her as if to comfort her and opens to his mouth to bite her neck but stops and gets up claiming he wasn't in the mood.

Inside the mansion, Yui wandered into one of the possibly libraries where Subaru sat looking down at the courtyard. From the way the scene was set up it looked almost like they were secret lovers meeting at midnight. They talk for a bit when Subaru tells Yui she should escape while she can. She follows his gaze outside to see a lunar eclipse happening, heading his advice she goes up to her room and begins to pack in a ridiculously large suitcase. After getting all her clothes packed she stops to look at her father's diary and picture of him holding her.

In the next seen she goes back to Subaru and tells him she has decided to stay with more confidence then she's ever had. The lunar eclipse is over and Subaru complains that she's wasted one of few opportunities to escape. Before she leaves Subaru gives her a silver knife after having a flashback about his mother, that knife is one of the few items that can kill a vampire.

Yui goes back to her room where Laito is watching for her on her bed, he wines about having to wait for her. He gets up and corners her but doesn't get far when he sees Subaru's knife in her hands. He wonders how she got his knife but doesn't pry or try and take it, instead he positions her hands to hold the blade out and pointed it at his heart saying, "I didn't know you loved me this much." He then explains that vampires show their love through murder. Yui pulls back the knife and says she won't do it much to Laito's disappointment's, he then figures he should just feed and leans into take his meal when she stops him. For the first time in this entire series, Yui Komori grew a pair of lady balls and told Laito to leave her alone. However, Laito foreshadows that he was no longer just interested in her blood, but her before taking his leave.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinobu Tagashira Director
Kousuke Toriumi Audio/Sound Theme Song Performance
Hikaru Midorikawa Audio/Sound Theme Song Performance
Yuki Hayashi Music Yuki Hayashi is a Japanese animator and episode director for anime.


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