Episode 5

Episode 5 is an anime episode of Diabolik Lovers that was released on 10/14/2013

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Yui picking roses behind the mansion. She has a flashback to the previous episode of what Laito had done to her. She is disturbed by Kanato who tells her to pick some roses and follow him and also makes a point to say he didn't want to wait for her. He takes her to cemetery where he tells her Yui that he likes grave yards because they won't care if you scream. Kanato then proceeds to tell her that his mother was buried there, she starts to apologize but he cuts in to tell her he killed her. Yui places the roses on the grave and excuses herself only to cause Kanato to go into a tantrum where he yells at her about showing her something special only to leave. He picks up the roses Yui had picked and begins to beat them against his mother's grave, Yui tells him to stop but that only fuels his anger. She gets freaked out and turns to run only trip over a conveniently placed root. Immediately Kanato loses it and starts laughing like a mad man before telling her to roll around in the dirt like the pathetic girl she was and then maybe he'd forgive. When she just apologizes again he loses his patients and gets down on top of her. He leans into bite her but then says, "I forgot, women need to be kissed before they're pleasured. You're so selfish." He then proceeds to bite her before commenting on how sweet her blood is and biting her again.

In the background, the brothers' uncle Richter watches with no present emotion. Yui staggers back toward the mansion dizzy and drained. Subaru emerges from the shadows by his uncle and asks him what business he had to be watching Yui. He only replies with a complaint of Subaru no longer addressing him as uncle.

Once inside Yui heads for her room but before she opens the door, she hears moaning coming from the room next to hers, and being the brainless masochist she is, she decides to investigate. Inside the room looks like a small lab with plant experiments and library furniture. She spots Reiji sleeping in a throne-like chair moaning in his sleep. Yui goes to him and was about to shake him awake when he awoke himself and complained about seeing her right after he woke up, but then goes back to say that she was better than his nightmare. He asks why she came to his room uninvited and she explains about hearing him in his sleep. Reiji sighs and then says he's going to make tea, he returns with a single cup and tells her not to be so arrogant as to expect him to make her any. However he changes his mind and makes her some before inviting her to sit in his special chair. She thanks him and takes a sip of the tea but immediately gags and coughs it up before dropping the tea cup on the floor where it shatters. Reiji tells her that coughing so openly is rude as well as breaking his tea cup, as punishment he forces a numbing agent down her throat. She falls over on the floor dizzy and Reiji tells her to pick up the pieces of the shattered tea cup. Yui tries to do as instructed but ends up slicing her open her palm on one of the pieces. Reiji takes her hands and brings it to his lips tasting her blood. He loses all sense of self preservation when she yanks her hand back and gets up to try and leave. Reiji grabs her and shoves her against his book shelf and starts saying some kinky things. He purposely grips her bleeding hand harder than her other wrist and takes a drink from her throat.

When Yui passes out he feels himself getting angry and thinking about his mother and how she had desired a peaceful death. However, Reiji swore to him mom that she would not get the peaceful death she desired and told the same thing to Yui's unconscious form.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinobu Tagashira Director
Kousuke Toriumi Audio/Sound Theme Song Performance
Hikaru Midorikawa Audio/Sound Theme Song Performance
Yuki Hayashi Yuki Hayashi is a Japanese animator and episode director for anime.


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