Episode 5

Episode 5 is an anime episode of Natsuyuki Rendezvous that was released on 08/02/2012

Now that Atsushi has control over Hazuki's body, he has a chance to woo Rokka. However, it's a little difficult to woo someone when you are using your rival's body to do so. Hazuki wakes up and finds himself on a dream island, where he finds a miniature version of young Rokka, who is searching for her prince.

Plot Summary

Hazuki puts on Atsushi's old shirt
Hazuki puts on Atsushi's old shirt

Since Atsushi is borrowing Hazuki's body, when Hazuki wakes up he finds himself on some sort of beautiful dream island. Hazuki cannot remember what happened before he passed out (since he was drunk), but figures that he must have said something to Atsushi. As Hazuki wanders into the lush green forest, he sees a miniature young Rokka. Miniature Rokka asks for Hazuki's help to find the prince. Back in the shop, Atsushi (in Hazuki's body) makes small talk with Rokka about the flower shop. Also Rokka lends him one of Atsushi's old shirts since Rokka accidentally spilled tea on Hazuki's shirt. Atsushi is saddened by this because he had asked Rokka to get rid of all his things. Atsushi can't help crying as he is talking and interacting with Rokka once again.

Rokka remembers being hugged by Atsushi
Rokka remembers being hugged by Atsushi

Atsushi's eyes turn red, and Rokka suggests that it is probably his contacts. Atsushi doesn't know how to take them out and is a little annoyed that something so small is ruining his reunion with Rokka. Atsushi goes to the washroom to take out the contacts and rinse his eyes. Rokka concludes that Hazuki must be really drunk. Atsushi breaks the contacts, realizes that Hazuki's sight is pretty bad and asks Rokka if he could stay the night. Atsushi tries to hug her and call her Rokka-chan instead of Manager, but this just makes Rokka feel weird. Nevertheless, Rokka lets him sleep in the shop.

"Call me dorky"-Atsushi in Hazuki&squot;s body
"Call me dorky"-Atsushi in Hazuki's body

The next morning Miho comes into the shop to find Hazuki. She is a little shocked, but is more surprised when he asks how to get glasses. Since Atsushi broke the contacts, he needs a new pair. After getting new glasses, he manages to find Hazuki's place. He is surprised by how many plants Hazuki has. Atsushi takes some liberties with Hazuki's body and decides to wear the most unfitting clothes and cut his hair short. Miho and Rokka hardly recognize him when he enters the shop. Atsushi's plan to make Hazuki look dorky doesn't seem to work though, as Rokka compliments his new hair.

Mini-Rokka on Hazuki's shoulder
Mini-Rokka on Hazuki's shoulder

Over on the dream island, Hazuki and mini-Rokka can't find the prince. Hazuki wonders when Rokka's ghost husband will be satisfied. Mini-Rokka, doesn't know herself but suggests that the prince might be on a different page. She turns the page (See Note 1), and they are in a flower forest, and Rokka is now normal size. Rokka tells Hazuki about how Atsushi kept lots of scrap books and drew in them the view of the tree branches from his window at the hospital. Rokka still keeps a few of them, even though Atsushi threw most of them out. Some of the scrapbooks also have empty pages in them, as if waiting to be filled out.

Hazuki and Rokka eat
Hazuki and Rokka eat

In the real world, Atsushi has starved himself both because he doesn't want to feed Hazuki's body and because he is not used to having a body again. At night, Rokka treats Atsushi to dinner because she hears his stomach growling. Atsushi is a little peeved that he has to feed Hazuki's body with Rokka's homemade cooking. As they are eating, Rokka has memories of when she and Atsushi ate together. It warms her heart to have someone across from her eating with her. Rokka, then asks Hazuki for permission to wash his back for him. This devestates Atsushi.

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The following notes are referenced in the summary

1. "Turning the page," is a common metaphor for moving on in life, or beginning a new stage in life.

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