Episode 4

Episode 4 is an anime episode of Diabolik Lovers that was released on 10/07/2013

Plot Summary

Making a reference back to episode one, Yui is searching for a working phone in the mansion. She finds an classy little phone right out of the 60's in what I presume is the first floor. Before she can dial however, she feels like she's being watched and turns to see Kanato watching her. He watches her like a shy kid who has a stranger in his house for the first time. She figures she should be friendly and smiles at him asking if he needed anything. He tells her he's thirsty so she tells him she'd buy him a drink. When she turns to leave Kanato eyes her purse where it sits next to the phone. When Yui returns from God-knows-where with coffee which probably shouldn't have exited in this out of date and slightly run down mansion. She offers it to Kanato who immediately slaps it out of her hands yelling that he hated bitter things. Some of the hot caffeine got on her hands and she apologized to Kanato and promises to get him something else. Instead of yelling again he turns his attention to her burned hands. He says that he hands must have hurt and takes them in his hands, he holds then like he's going to kiss then but licks along her the length of her hand. She immediately yanks her hand back earning a frustrated Kanato who shouts at her, "Come back when you understand me!" He turns to leave and Yui notices her missing bag and asks Kanato if he'd seen it where he blatantly replies that he put it on the roof to punish her. Before she can say anything else to him, he whispers to Teddy as he walks away, "Everyone knows that phone doesn't work, right Teddy?"

After going from the ground floor the roof from God-knows how many stories, Yui finds her bag where Kanato had said and retrieved it. However when she turned to leave she heard a voice reciting romantic and some-what kinky poetry lines to themselves. Like how all protagonists must do, she decides to see who it is. The reciter of these words is none-other than Laito, blushing and wrapping his arms around himself talking much louder than he probably should have. Immediately when Yui recognizes he stops and asks whose there, Yui quickly hides behind the closest building next to the doors. She hopes Laito won't find her, but this isn't that type of anime.

Yui turns around to see Laito behind her, looking very displeased. He asks her why she was watching him on the roof but she holds up her bag to claim innocence on how she was just getting it back. Laito corners her and taunts her saying that she had been there to spy on him, he grabs her wrists and places his legs between hers before saying that she wanted him to punish her. She shoves him off her and drops the very thing that got her into this mess before running for the exit. Yui gets herself out of the mansion, contradicting what Reiji had said in episode one, and ran out into the night where she ends up in a nearby city.

Very much on edge she finds a payphone and dials her father's cellphone number. When the other end picked up she gushed her situation out and how she wanted to go home and get away from the freaks in the mansion. However when she had finished the undesired familiar voice of Laito leaked out from the ear piece. He told her she couldn't escape and Yui looked up to see him across the street leaning against a wall. He moved his hand from where he had been holding a phone to his ear to show her it was her father's cellphone. She hears him say that he knows everything about her and that she cannot escape from him.

Fear freezes her only a moment when the facts sink in. She drops the phone and runs down the streets but doesn't get far when Laito grabs her. He taunts her a bit but stops in the middle of his sentence after hearing his father's name. They both turn to the TV store behind them to see an interview with a conveniently censored man as the guest of the show. Yui recognizes his name and judges by Laito's reaction that he was the brothers' father. She uses that moment to escape from the fedora wearing creature of nightmare's grasp and ran while he only watched the TV with mixed emotions barely noticing her escape.

Seeing as Yui was raised in a Catholic church, she finds one outside the city and prays before a table covered with decorations you saw in one of those cheesey romance movies where the guy sets up a beautiful arrangement to have sex on. She prays to God for protection but is interrupted through her prayer by Laito who stood on the opposite end of the church among the pews. Afraid, Yui asks him how he got inside holy ground and he replies that religion was something that humans made up. She tells him its not true but he traps her against the table and tells that he God could not save her from his clutches. Yui screams and tries to push him off her but he won't budge and she only succeeds in knocking his fedora off.

The blush from earlier returns when he looks at Yui and forces her down on the rose petals on the table. He begins to go off on kinky sadist lip-service about defiling her and she told him he couldn't do this to her in a church. However Laito ignores her protests and grabs one of her thrashing legs and placing himself between her legs. Out loud, to intimidate her, he talks to himself about how he was going to violate her. He lifted the leg he had and ran a hand down her inner thigh before leaning down and biting it. Yui flinches but makes no effort to escape.

In his mind Laito thinks to himself that he was destined for hell, and that he would be dragging Yui down along with him, some-what contradicting his views that God does exist.

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Shinobu Tagashira Director
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Hikaru Midorikawa Audio/Sound Theme Song Performance
Yuki Hayashi Music Yuki Hayashi is a Japanese animator and episode director for anime.


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