Episode 4

Episode 4 is an anime episode of Natsuyuki Rendezvous that was released on 07/26/2012

Hazuki takes Rokka to an amusement park, with the intention of making her smile. However, Rokka went to the same amusement park with Atsushi when he was alive. Because of this Rokka can't help but think about her memories with Atsushi. Hazuki tries to woo Rokka, but it might be all for nothing.

Plot Summary

Rokka invites Atsushi
Rokka invites Atsushi

Hazuki is taking Rokka to an amusement park. At the shop, Hazuki and Rokka finalize their plans. They decide to meet up at 10a.m. at the station, then have lunch around the park. Hazuki notices that Atsushi isn't trying to distract him while talking to Rokka, like he has been previous days. It turns out that when Atsushi was alive, Rokka had invited Atsushi to go to the same park with her. Atsushi didn't seem to enthused but Rokka reassured him, "I'm not taking you... We're going together!" When Hazuki has a smoke break, he says he is determined to make Rokka laugh and smile during their date at the amusement park.

Rokka imagines leaving behind Atsushi
Rokka imagines leaving behind Atsushi

The next day, Hazuki and Rokka are on the train. Rokka notices that Hazuki is wearing a cap, which he doesn't normally do. Hazuki takes it off, but it just leaves his hair messy, so he just leaves it on. Hazuki had worn the same cap a long time ago, when he bought a plant from Rokka. Rokka, at the time, had said that the design on the cap was pretty. Lunch goes well as they share a beer and a large meal. Hazuki is nervous and can't help thinking about Atsushi. They take a photo at the park entrance. Rokka isn't exactly smiling ear to ear, but Hazuki guesses that this is normal, and they head into the park holding each other's hands. Hazuki and Rokka ride a slow sky ride in a two-person pirate ship, it seems that Rokka also can't help thinking about her memories with Atsushi at the amusement park.

Hazuki and Rokka enjoy the ride
Hazuki and Rokka enjoy the ride

Hazuki after taking a smoke break, thinks that their date isn't really that exciting and that he needs to be more proactive. Hazuki tries to woo Rokka when they are on one of the rides. Rokka gets a little excited, but wonders why Hazuki is being so aggressive today. Hazuki knows it's because Atsushi isn't around. But, the ride ends before Hazuki can ask her how she feels about him. Rokka suggests to cool off by going to the haunted house. Hazuki is reluctant, and Rokka almost goes in and leaves Hazuki behind to wait. Hazuki is surprised by this, and goes in with her anyways. Rokka explains that she was used to that happening because Atsushi was always afraid of high, spinning or scary rides and sat out a lot.

After the haunted house, the weather is getting even hotter, so they decide to buy shaved ice. Rokka starts crying, holding a handkerchief to her eyes. It seems that she still cannot get over Atsushi. Rokka realizes that Hazuki has already chosen her. Hazuki thinks about what he can do for her since he has a body and Atsushi doesn't and blurts out, "Rokka, would you like to have sex with me?" This causes Rokka to start laughing and says, "of course that is out of the question!" Hazuki is sad about this.

Hazuki stumbles into the shop, greeted by Atsushi
Hazuki stumbles into the shop, greeted by Atsushi

After their day, Rokka suggests they go back to the shop so Rokka can show Hazuki how to open up the shop. She does so and also invites Hazuki inside for some tea. Hazuki says he'll be back as he goes to buy some smokes. He also buys a few beers and drinks them so that he is tipsy. Hazuki comes back to the flower shop and is greeted by Atsushi, who asks again if Hazuki will lend him his body. Hazuki stumbles on the floor and says sure. When Atsushi takes over Hazuki's body, he greets Rokka who brings tea and can hardly believe that he can touch and talk to Rokka, so he starts crying. Rokka isn't sure what has come over Hazuki.

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