Episode 4

Episode 4 is an anime episode of The King of Fighters: Another Day (ONA) that was released on 03/03/2006

Episode 4: All Over

Ash Crimson
Ash Crimson
Alba vs Kyo
Alba vs Kyo

The story begins with Ash Crimson standing in the middle of the road leading to South Town. As a tanker truck approaches Ash lights up his green flame and ignites the truck, starting the blaze in South Town. Kyo Kusanagi, on Ash's trail, follows the arsonist until a chance encounter with Alba Meira leads to a case of mistaken identity. Alba believes Kyo to be the cause of the fires in South Town, a fact Kyo does not immediately deny. Alba and Kyo begin to fight with Ash looking on in amusement. However his amusement is short lived as Iori has finally caught up to him (after being delayed in episode 1). Ash ignores Iori however as he has already stolen his power so Iori is of no use to him. Ash vanishes so Iori decides to stop Kyo and Alba from fighting. Alba apologizes to Kyo and everyone departs. The Ikkari Warriors confront Kyo to see if he is real or a clone and Kyo lights up his fire challenging them to find out. Ash is seen leaving on a boat with Elisabeth Blanctorche.

The fires now out or under control, Alba reunites with his brother after a very long night. Luise Meyrink meets with Alba and Soiree to request their help.

The story is continued in King of Fighters 2006 (or Maximum Impact 2).

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kazuhiro Wakabayashi Audio Director
Masaki Tachibana Director Japanese anime director and storyboard artist


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