Episode 3

Episode 3 is an anime episode of Diabolik Lovers that was released on 09/30/2013

Plot Summary

Aren't family dinner's fun? Especially when everyone is sitting around a table anti-socially eating dinner. Yui doesn't really touch her food which annoys Laito how gets up and walks behind her chair. He asks if she wanted him to feed her but Reiji harshly told him to sit back down because it was rude to rise unexcused. Subaru gets up and excuses himself which makes Reiji sighs and announce the others could be dismissed if they pleased. Everyone but Reiji, Kanato, and Yui leaves. Yui glances at Kanato who is starting at his plate like it might come to life and be his new best friend. He asks his Teddy what he should eat next and hears the non-existent voice telling him to eat the cookie on his plate. The deranged-shota stabbed the crumbly cookie causing it to break in half, caught between anger and amusement he begins to psychotically stab at the innocent sweats, breaking them into small pieces.

Yui excuses herself and goes to her room where Ayato had been waiting for her. He complains about having to wait for her from her bed and she asks him to leave. He tells her she's in no position to make demands. He grabs and starts sucking on her neck to leave his mark, she pathetically struggles but lets him have his way. Ayato moves from her throat to her chest, pulling her shirt down a bit and sucking there. After that he tells her he wanted to bite but she evades him by saying she needed to take a bath. He tells her to hurry and that if she took too long he'd get her in the tub.

In the bathroom Yui lets her guard down and pulled down her shirt to see the two hickeys Ayato had given her. She turned to go fill up the tub only to find Shu had fallen asleep in the tub with his clothes on. Surprised she didn't really know to do and opted to wake him up. Before she could touch him he caught her wrist and aggressively asked why she disturbed his sleep. She told him that was going to take a bath but had found him asleep in the water. He glances at the water and realized he had in fact fallen asleep with him clothes on in the tub. She asks him if he would leave and to that he replied he had no energy to do that.

Before she could ask what he meant by that, Shu pulled her into the tub, knocking a good third of the water out of the tub. Surprised by this Yui didn't resist and wound up between his legs on her knees in the tub. Shu brushed her hair aside and then grabbed it to take a look at her neck, he comments on how tempting it looks with no bites in it. She pathetically pleads for him not to but he replies that if she wanted him out of the tub he'd need to feed enough to have the energy to get up. Before biting her, he makes an out of context Aladdin reference. It wasn't explained how they sorted out the bathroom mishap but when Yui came back to her room, her full-of-it charming was waiting like promised.

He complained about the wait and reached for her throat but she flinched when he touched her. Ayato pulled back her hair to see bite marks along her throat immediately succeeding into sending him into a pathetic imitation of a jealous boyfriend. Immediately he figures it was Shu and drags Yui with him down to the game room where Shu was sleeping soundly.

Ayato immediately jumps the gun when he sees his half-brother and accusing him of biting his property. Shu nonchalantly replies that she wasn't just Ayato's which threw him further into rage. On a spur of the moment cool-guy type thing he challenges Shu to a game of darts which he declines. Reiji and Laito decide to appear and comment on all the yelling they were doing. Reuju explains to Shu that if he didn't accept then he was laying down his honor or pride or something. That motivates Shu to play Ayato's game. Laito then decides that the winner of the game got to keep Yui, and of course she protests but nobody cares.

A few times during the game Yui tries to escape but Laito grabbed her by her wrists and forced her to watch the game. In the end Shu won and it was concluded that the Sakamaki family has no idea how to play darts. Laito shoves Yui at Shu and gives a false smile to their evening. Yui looks at Shu with fear but he tells her he had no interest in her and walked off.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinobu Tagashira Director
Kousuke Toriumi Audio/Sound Theme Song Performance
Hikaru Midorikawa Audio/Sound Theme Song Performance
Yuki Hayashi Music Yuki Hayashi is a Japanese animator and episode director for anime.


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