Episode 3

Episode 3 is an anime episode of Natsuyuki Rendezvous that was released on 07/19/2012

Rokka slowly recovers from her cold as Miho and Hazuki work at the flower shop. Atsushi gets more defensive about keeping Rokka to himself, but wants Hazuki's help. Hazuki is still skeptical about trusting Atsushi, and tries his best to care for Rokka, even though Rokka may still not be ready to move on.

Plot Summary

Atsushi tries to stomp his feet
Atsushi tries to stomp his feet

Rokka has a dream about when Atsushi and her were dating. One night she had drank too much and Atsushi carried her home. Rokka fell asleep while crying and apologizing to Atsushi for the trouble. When Rokka woke up next day, she was wrapped in bed in her futon, and Atsushi was asleep at the door. That was when Rokka became more devoted to him. Rokka wakes up from her dream to find her sister Miho by her bedside. Miho tells Rokka to rest as Hazuki and her will be minding the store today. Down in the store Atsushi is talking with Hazuki again. Atsushi says that if they were on equal terms Rokka would definitely choose him over Hazuki. Hazuki is a little skeptical and teases him a little for being dead and unable to interact with Rokka. Atsushi tries stomping his feet in frustration, but to no avail.

Hazuki feels Rokka's temperature
Hazuki feels Rokka's temperature

When Miho and Hazuki switch shifts, Hazuki visits Rokka at her bedside. Rokka is embarrassed to look at him, but when Hazuki checks her temperature with his hand, it reminds her of the bony hands that Atsushi had. Rokka hugs Hazuki and they start cuddling, while Atsushi can only watch. Just then there is a weird earthquake that shakes the room, it seems to have been caused by Atsushi, who is getting defensive about keeping Rokka to himself. Hazuki tells Rokka to go downstairs and see if Miho was affected by the 'earthquake'. When they are alone in the room, Atsushi says to Hazuki, "I think one of these days I'll feel like killing you." Hazuki asks how long this is going to last. Atsushi seems resigned, but asks for Hazuki to lend him his body one time to help him rest in peace.

Hazuki is skeptical about lending his body to Atsushi and doesn't trust him yet. When Rokka gets back to resting, she cries as she thinks about how much she misses Atsushi. After work, Hazuki and Miho close up the shop and go out for dinner together. Miho starts telling Atsushi that their family has been talking about setting Rokka up with a man, and that as Rokka's sister-in-law she cares about her. Miho shows him a picture of Rokka and Atsushi from years ago. Rokka has a huge smile on her face. Hazuki becomes frustrated that Atsushi is still around saying that he is like a cut flower, that sits around with only it's pretty part remaining, when in fact it should just whither and become fertilizer for the next saplings.

Hazuki looks up at the sky
Hazuki looks up at the sky

As Hazuki walks home, he knows that his hands can cultivate the earth and care for Rokka, but he has his doubts whether he can make Rokka smile the way she used to with Atsushi. The next day at work, Rokka is feeling a lot better and is working in the shop. Hazuki comes in and is immediately bombarded by Atsushi's pleas to lend him his body and help him. Hazuki ignores him and tries inviting Rokka to go to an amusement park with him and/or Miho on their next day off. Rokka starts crying and apologizes to Hazuki.

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