Episode 26

Episode 26 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 09/24/2011

Plot Summary

Yuuko has the bright idea of throwing a surprise birthday party for Nano. Mio and Mai seem along for the idea too, Mai even suggests to also celebrate Hakase's birthday. They decide to pick up a cake after school. Mio calls Yuuko an idiot for almost going to tell Nano about the party (thus ruining the surprise). Yuuko, retorts by saying how Mio was rejected by Sasahara. Mio starts getting defensive.

Nano is happy!
Nano is happy!

That morning as Nano is heading out to go to school, Hakase runs up to her and takes off Nano's screw. Hakase says she made a little one, so that Nano's back will be smooth. Unfortunately Sakamoto accidentally steps on it, making Nano cry.

Principal and Oura Kosuke (vice principal) talk together by the statue of Oura when be was principal. They grow increasingly exasperated as they figure out what is wrong with the statue.

Yuria and Daiku
Yuria and Daiku

Yuria is alone in the Igo Soccer club room. Daiku comes to see her wondering why Yuria called him to the school so early in the morning. Yuria seems embarrassed. Daiku asks if she wants to practice early in the morning, Yuria says yes.

Yuuko forgot to ask Nano if they could go over to her house. Yuuko goes to ask Nano, on the way she accidentaly bumps into a number of people and has to apologize to them before moving on. Yuuko finds Nano and Nano says it's okay for them to come over. Later, Yuuko and Mio are trying to break open a pumpkin, but have no success.

Sakamoto weighs who is worse to live with
Sakamoto weighs who is worse to live with

Sakamoto is taking a walk, then he runs into Nakamura-sensei. Nakamura calls Sakamoto, "Taisho" and proceeds to chase after Sakamoto. Sakamoto has terrible memories of how poorly Nakamura took care of him. Sakamoto tries to weigh which is worse, Hakase's pranks or Nakamura's poor care. Nakamura says Nano is free to come visit Taisho when she finds her anytime.

When Nano arrives home, Hakase says she'll get right away on creating another little screw for Nano. Hakase explains that the screw was designed so Nano couldn't take it off herself. Nano wonders whether now, without her screw, she'll becomes closer with everyone. "Maybe a more ordinary life awaits me!" As she starts thinking about things, Nano realizes that she is the same person with or without her screw.

Nano prepares green tea
Nano prepares green tea

Nano tells Hakase that she's is fine the way things are, Hakase puts the "little screw" inside her current screw anyways, saying it spins when Nano is happy. Hakase helps bring out the cake that Nano saved, Nano is still astonished that they knew it was her birthday. Nano prepares green tea for everyone. Unfortunately Hakase drops the cake again, and everyone has a good laugh. Even Nano is happy, since her screw starts turning.

Characters & Voice Actors

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