Episode 25

Episode 25 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 09/17/2011

Plot Summary

Misato and Sasahara
Misato and Sasahara

Sasahara is sleeping, and doesn't know that homeroom location has changed. Weboshi and Fecchan suggest that Misato wake him up. Misato does so. Misato scolds him for sleeping, and in her embarrassment/anger, she accidentally breaks Sasahara's glasses. Sasahara hands him his handkerchief since Misato's hand starts bleeding, saying it's okay because glasses don't feel pain. Misato then proceeds to walk through the halls guiding Sasahara while holding his arm. Unfortunately everyone is staring at her. When Sasahara says he needs to go to the restroom, Misato is embarrassed but says she'll do it if she will make up for breaking his glasses. At which point, Sasahara explains that the glasses are just for show. Misato shoots him with one of her missiles and gets mad at him again.

Mio saves a boy from drowning
Mio saves a boy from drowning

Unfortunately Mio (who has a crush on Sasahara), Yuuko and Nano see Misato and Sasahara walking together. Yuuko and Nano try to comfort Mio who is distraught. Mio runs away and Yuuko begins an epic chase across the city as she yells "Mio-chan!" Along the way Mio acts as a taxi for a homeless person, she runs between two trains and she saves a boy from drowning. Mio realizes, that life truly is unpredictable and you never realize what will happen next.

Nakamura-sensei continues to attempt to capture Nano, but lost track of them after school. However, she stumbles upon the Shinonome Laboratory and Nakamura starts being anxious with anticipation of finding out Nano's secrets, especially after seeing Biscuit #2, who she thinks to be a sentry guard. Nakamura is on guard for traps even after Nano comes home and invites her inside for tea.

Nakamura, Hakase and Nano
Nakamura, Hakase and Nano

Then when Hakase comes home Nakamura is even more anxious because she thinks it's impossible for a young girl to create Nano. Then Nakamura sees Sakamoto and thinks its a homunculus, and she is now scared for her life. As Nakamura tries to escape, she gets stuck on the super super glue.

Annaka is asking Mio if she can borrow some things for class. Nano, Mai and Yuuko are suspecting Mio of being too happy that maybe she is faking her happiness. After school as Mio is walking home, she sees Mai, Nano and Yuuko wearing daifuku masks, posing as running a lottery. They have Mio roll the lottery, a white ball comes out and Yuuko gives Mio an envelope with something inside. Mio looks at what is inside and blushes.

Young Mio Naganohara
Young Mio Naganohara

Mio is walking along and she remembers someone saying that life could just be a series of miracles. The letter that is inside the envelope says, "Voucher for a life long friendship, signed Nano, Mai and Yuuko."

Characters & Voice Actors

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