Episode 24

Episode 24 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 09/10/2011

Plot Summary

Nakamura-sensei is as determined as ever to capture Nano Shinonome and learn her secrets. She makes plans at home, but is distracted by a peculiar cat that passes by her window, she chases after it thinking it is Sakamoto, but it isn't. She is forced to make a risky escape to avoid suspicion from her neighbours.

Mio can't believe her eyes, ears?
Mio can't believe her eyes, ears?

Yuuko has some fun in the morning by only stepping on the shadows that are cast on the floor by the windows. Then Yuuko oversees Sasahara picking up a book for Nano that she dropped on the floor. Yuuko thinks this is big news and tells Mio about it (since Mio has a crush on Sasahara). Mio doesn't react and continues working on her report, but eventually just gives in and calls Yuuko stupid for thinking she was onto something. Yuuko goes ahead and juices up the story by saying Nano and Sasahara were kissing. Mio is shocked.

Yuuko adds many other false details ending with "Sasahara took off his clothes and in the courtyard they..." At which point Yuuko realizes that she too has to write the report. This leaves Mio to imagine what Nano and Sasahara were supposedly doing in the courtyard. Mio goes out into the hall and sees Nano, they clear up the understanding and Mio punches Yuuko on the head.

Girl 1 asks her classmate to tell her who she likes. Girl 1 promises that if she tells anyone she'll pay her classmate 1 million yen. The classmate tells her, Girl 1 proceeds to tell everyone about it and Girl 1 pays the classmate 1 million yen.

Mihoshi Tachibana
Mihoshi Tachibana

Mihoshi is watching her sister, Misato, spar with Yoshino in kendo. After kendo class, Mihoshi tells Misato that usually she spars with Sasahara who frequents the dojo. Misato is shocked to learn this. Misato tells Mihoshi that Sasahara joined the acting club at school. Mihoshi insists that Misato invite Sasahara to the kendo club since he could win the championship. Again Misato is flustered because of her crush on Sasahara, but agrees to invite Sasahara to the kendo club at school. Mihoshi admires her sister's pure heartedness.

Hakase doesn't finish eating her onions at dinner. Sakamoto catches a terrible cold and doesn't have the energy to eat. Nano takes care of Sakamoto. Hakase tries to pretend to be sick to get special treatment too, but she fails.

Mio watches Sasahara intently
Mio watches Sasahara intently

Mio has her own meeting with Izumi-sensei to talk about what she wants to do in the future. Mio put down "mangaka", Izumi-sensei encourages Mio to follow her dreams. They both end up embarrassed. At school, Mio runs into Sasahara while she is at the vending machine. She is very embarrassed, and ends up saying the weather is nice, even though it is very overcast. Sasahara laughs about this, saying that is very deep. The whole experiences makes Mio feel like she is somehow closer to Sasahara.

Young Sasahara, Mio and Yoshino
Young Sasahara, Mio and Yoshino

That night, Misato wonders about Yoshino and what she might have been trying to tell her by giving her a Knight shogi piece. Elsewhere, Mio is thinking of how she met Sasahara (through her sister who taught kendo to Sasahara).Yoshino walks in on Mio and they share a moment together.

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