Episode 23

Episode 23 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 09/03/2011

Plot Summary

Yuuko is the first to arrive in class. Takasaki is also there early, Yuuko doesn't want anyone to find out about her being early.

Yoshino feigns innocence
Yoshino feigns innocence

Yoshino makes some jam for her younger sister Mio to try. Mio wonders what has gotten into Yoshino being so feminine. Unfortunately the jam tastes awful and gross. She needs something quick to wash down the jam, but is having trouble doing so. When Mio recovers from her near-death experience, she asks Yoshino what she used to make the jam. Yoshino used fermented salt-cured fish.

Hakase finds Sakamoto sleeping, she decides to use him as a pillow.

Sakurai threatens to throw away the magazine
Sakurai threatens to throw away the magazine

Izumi-san asks Makoto what he would like to get for take-out. Izumi finds that Makoto's room is filthy. Izumi finds a dirty magazine underneath Makoto's futon. Makoto kicks Izumi out of his room. Izumi is determined to scold Makoto for not keeping his room tidy, and for the magazine. Makoto tries saying that the magazine is not his. Izumi thinks Makoto is too young for these things. Makoto gets mad each time Izumi comes into his room without asking, and keeps kicking her out. Izumi tells herself to keep things together, both at school (as student advisor) and at home.

Yuuko has her meeting with Izumi-san, about her plans for the future. Yuuko hasn't written anything down in the "hopes for the future" section. When asked what job she is thinking of getting, Yuuko just makes up that she wants to be a teacher like Izumi-san. Izumi breaks into happy tears. A college is having an intense rally run. Mio and Yuuko tell Nano about how they ran into the Professor the other day, but were attacked by dogs.

A picture of Izumi-sensei
A picture of Izumi-sensei

Makoto insists that Takasaki-sensei be their club adviser, but Takasaki doesn't like the idea still. Daiku seems okay either way. Fecchan is nervous because Weboshi is going to confess her feelings to Nakanojou (the boy with the yellow mohawk). Eventually Makoto chases Takasaki to the roof, while it is raining. Makoto shows Takasaki a picture of Izumi when she was in high school, he agrees to give it to him on the condition that he becomes the Igo Soccer Club adviser. Takasaki after some debating with himself, agrees. When Weboshi and Fecchan see Nakanojou again, he seems a lot less "punk" because he lost his mohawk.

Mai draws a shark for Hakase
Mai draws a shark for Hakase

Mai visits Nano. Mai brings lots of snacks for them. Hakase is still angry about almost being bitten by Mai's dogs. Mai tries giving Hakase a wooden Yamantaka figure, but Hakase refuses. When Mai figures out that Hakase likes sharks, Mai begins drawing sharks for her. Mai leaves before Nano has the tea ready, but says she will come back to draw for Hakase more.

Characters & Voice Actors

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