Episode 22

Episode 22 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 08/27/2011

Plot Summary

Tsuyoshi tries being a train
Tsuyoshi tries being a train

Tsuyoshi firmly believes that science can be used to prove or disprove anything, he refuses to believe in ghosts. Even so he visits a local shrine because he heard it performs exorcisms. He tries to pretend he is being controlled by a spirit, and see if anything the priest says or does represents a contradiction. Unfortunately the priest doesn't seem to believe Tsuyoshi, and Tsuyoshi tries harder to keep up his act. After going on a little rampage, Nakanojou comes to the conclusion that "spirits" might just be "people".

Yoshino surprises Mihoshi as she is walking from school. Mihoshi is amazed and somewhat mad at Yoshino because Yoshino skips class and practice regularly, but still does very well and participates in national kendo tournaments. Mihoshi thinks to herself that seeing Yoshino makes her question her own efforts. Mihoshi decides to try and hit her. Unfortunately someone gets in the way and Mihoshi hits him instead.

Tsuyoshi is doomed
Tsuyoshi is doomed

At the daifuku stand Nakanojou-san has his son, Tsuyoshi, to become the mascot this time. Tsuyoshi says he won't fall for his dad's tricks and will find a way to escape. Little does he know his father has modified the mask.

Nano and Hakase celebrate christmas. They talk about what they want for christmas. Hakase asks for lots of sweets. They get into an argument and Nano starts crying.

Sakamoto watches Hakase apologize to Nano
Sakamoto watches Hakase apologize to Nano

Weboshi and Fecchan are walking home from school and Weboshi drops her hot bun. Fecchan encourages Weboshi to keep a positive outlook, saying luck will eventually come her way. A series of unfortunate events test Fecchan's optimism. Tomioka the school's guidance counselor meets with Misato. He asks whether she has thought about what she will do in the future. She says she has decided between either college or culinary school.

Hakase and Sakamoto look on in horror
Hakase and Sakamoto look on in horror

Hakase wants to take Sakamoto out for a walk. During their walk they run into Mai who is taking her two dogs for a walk. Hakase and Sakamoto are both afraid of dogs and try to escape. Just as they are about to run out of ideas, they see Yuuko and Mio. Mio is excited to meet the "professor" Yuuko was talking about. Yuuko teases Hakase by suggesting she is afraid of dogs. Yuuko goes so far as to try and get the dog to shake her hand, but Yuuko gets bitten and screams out in pain. Unfortunately soon after Mio also gets bitten. Mai finally calls back her dogs, and wonders why Yuuko and Mio are shaking on the floor. She see's Hakase and gives her a pack of chocolate sharks and goes away with her dogs. When Hakase comes back home, Nano wonders what is taking Yuuko and Mio so long to come over and study.

Characters & Voice Actors

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