Episode 21

Episode 21 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 08/20/2011

Plot Summary

Yuuko is impressed that she got away with not doing homework and didn't have to stand outside the class for once! Her joy is short lived as Takasaki-sensei smacks Yuuko on the head with his notebook and tells her to see him in the teacher's office after class.

"So punk!"-Misato and Fecchan
"So punk!"-Misato and Fecchan

Mihoshi Tachibana is watching a love drama on TV at home, while snacking on Pocky. Mihoshi hears her sister, Misato has friends over. Fecchan is interested in how Misato's relationship with Sasahara-kun is doing. Fecchan seems to get carried away trying to get Weboshi to tell them who she likes. It turns out that Weboshi has an interest in Tsuyoshi (boy with the blonde mohawk). It seems that Weboshi likes guys who are "punk". Fecchan tries telling them that the other day he saw Tsuyoshi doing kind things, like watering flowers, the others just laugh. When it comes to Fecchan's turn to tell who she's interested in, she says no one, but if she was then it would be probably be some weirdos like Weboshi and Misato.

Izumi-sensei acts coy
Izumi-sensei acts coy

Takasaki-sensei is taking another stroll in the city during his free time, wondering whether anything will happen to him. Then he runs into Sakurai-sensei. They make small talk. Takasaki wonders to himself whether their meeting is a sign of fate. Just as they are going to rest at a park, they run into Yuuko. Takasaki keeps thinking up different ways this could turn out. Eventually he just gives up and awkwardly talks his way out of the situation and goes home alone.

At the Shinonome household, Nano and Hakase are also watching a love drama on TV. Nano realizes that a kissing scene is about to happen, luckily Hakase is asleep and Nano continues watching TV intently.

Nakamura tries being more feminin
Nakamura tries being more feminin

Nakamura-sensei has another plan to capture Nano. This time she will wait in the supermarket that Nano goes to every Saturday at a particular time, and use her short-circuiting device on her in a secluded area. After waiting a long time she meets Takasaki-sensei. Takasaki comments how her casual clothes are sort of boyish and make her look cute. Nakamura is too embarrassed and abandons her post for the day. Later that night she tries tying her hair to make it more feminine.

Mai is having a meeting with Sakurai-sensei at her house. Sakurai asks Mai if she has thought about her future. Mai uses a wooden doll figure to convey her answers.

Mio has come to get back her wooden cube
Mio has come to get back her wooden cube

On Princess Starla's blimp. The entire crew is searching desperately for the sacred wooden cube, but without any success. Somehow Mio got on the blimp and demands her wooden cube back. At first Mio is underestimated, but she quickly shows she is dangerous as she kills crew member no. 22. Apparently someone who possesses both wooden cubes wields the ancient power. Somehow Mio is knocked down trough the sky from the blimp, all the way down into her seat in class. Only Yuuko seems to notice this and screams out, resulting in her having to stand outside in the hallway again.

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