Episode 2

Episode 2 is an anime episode of Natsuyuki Rendezvous that was released on 07/12/2012

Atsushi continues to try and get in the way of Hazuki and Rokka. Atsushi says he wants to make Rokka happy, but it's not clear how he can do this since he is dead. Hazuki takes Rokka out to dinner, and Rokka's emotions are sent back and forth as she thinks about both Hazuki and her dead husband Atsushi.

Plot Summary

Hazuki tries talking to Rokka
Hazuki tries talking to Rokka

It has been a week since Rokka and Hazuki had ramen together and Hazuki said he loved her. However, nothing much has happened between them since then, and Rokka starts to wonder whether Hazuki is being fickle. Also unfortunately, Hazuki could not think of what to give Rokka for her birthday to make her happy. Instead he just bought a big plant from the store, thinking that at least he could help support the store. It doesn't help that every time Hazuki tries to talk with Rokka, her ghost husband, Atsushi, is always there trying to distract Hazuki.

Hazuki and Rokka enjoy dumplings
Hazuki and Rokka enjoy dumplings

Hazuki finally asks Rokka to go out to dinner with him, and she accepts. Meanwhile Atsushi is stuck at the store and he reflects about his life with Rokka. He remembers how Rokka cried so much while he was at the hospital, and since Rokka asked him not to leave her, Atsushi stayed around as a ghost. Hazuki and Rokka eat dumplings, and Rokka is getting a little excited by being with Hazuki. As they are walking together afterward, Rokka grabs Hazuki's hand and kisses him. Rokka runs off, a little embarrassed with herself, telling Hazuki not to follow. Hazuki follows her home anyway, and they have a drink together.

Unfortunately Atsushi is once again trying to get in the way of Hazuki. Hazuki almost forgets that only he can see and hear Atsushi and says out loud that he is going to make Rokka forget about her pathetic husband. Rokka slaps him and has him leave. Rokka is a little embarrassed at her own fickleness with Hazuki, one moment being excited the next being angry. Atsushi remembers when he had prepared divorce papers and Rokka immediately ripped them up saying that she would be strong. Rokka falls asleep at the table as Atusushi tries to talk her into going to bed properly or else she will get sick.

Hazuki, Atsushi and Rokka
Hazuki, Atsushi and Rokka

Unfortunately the next morning, Rokka comes down with a fever, and Atsushi can't do anything about it. Hazuki wakes up to a blank message from Rokka. Atsushi hurries to the shop to see if something is wrong. Atsushi tells him about the spare key for Hazuki to get into the hosue. Hazuki finds Rokka collapsed on the floor mumbling "Sorry Atsushi." Atsushi tells Hazuki about the medicine supplies in the house as Hazuki takes Rokka to her bed. Rokka starts crying, but Hazuki and Atsushi feel like crying too.

Points of Interest

  • At the beginning of the episode, a customer asks to buy a chilean evening primrose which represents inconstancy or fickleness. Rokka wonders if Hazuki is like this flower.

Characters & Voice Actors

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