Episode 2

Episode 2 is an anime episode of The King of Fighters: Another Day (ONA) that was released on 01/06/2006

Episode 2: Accede

The story begins with the final battle between Terry Bogard and Geese Howard atop Geese Tower. After executing a Power Geyser, Terry grasps his opponents hand only to see that it is Rock Howard, not Geese. Grinning maniacally at Terry, Rock pulls free of Terry's grip and falls to his death. Rock wakes up from his nightmare and decides to go for a walk. Atop Geese Tower, Billy Kane stands watching the city burn. He knows someone is on the top floor with him and calls them out, praising their ability to get past security. Lien Neville then orders a satellite cannon shot on Geese Tower. Rock sees this and races to the tower to find out what is going on. A fight between Billy and Lien is going on and Billy gets the upper hand by injuring Lien's right arm and knocking the communicator from her wrist. Rock then orders Billy to stop his attack. Billy recognizes Rock and asks him to join him in running South Town. Rock refuses, denying his birth right and proceeds to try and save Lien, despite the fact she is under orders to kill him as well (eliminating all traces of Geese's Legacy). Despite this Rock saves Lien when her arm tires and before Billy can force Rock to drop Lien, Lien grasps her communicator and calls down another shot on the tower. The blast separates Billy from the others and Lien leaves, sparing Rock for saving her (for now).

Rock returns to his home and finds Terry where he left him. However Rock sees a painting in the closest, the very painting he was thinking of before he went to Geese Tower. Rock smiles but says nothing.

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Kazuhiro Wakabayashi Audio Director
Masaki Tachibana Japanese anime director and storyboard artist


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