Episode 19

Episode 19 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 08/06/2011

Plot Summary

Misato and two of her friends try to entertain themselves at the bus stop. One of her friends runs out into the rain and trips, ruining her clothes. Misato and her other friend say that's just like her to do something like that.

The Daifuku stand hires a new mascot, a man wearing a jaguar mask and no shirt. The newcomer tries his best to conform to the stand owner's demands.

Mio trying to play soccer
Mio trying to play soccer

Mio and Yuuko try to practice for the high jump during gym class. Mio misses and somehow goes under the bar, instead of over. Yuuko tries her best to teach Mio the technique, and Mio is determined to do well for the next gym test. Yuuko says she'll stay until Mio gets it right, since Mio always lets her copy homework. It seems that Mio has always been terrible at sports and athletics, but not because she is unfit.

Mio, Yuuko and Mai visit a zoo, they comment on how the white lions just sleep all the time. Mai has a trick up her sleeve to get the lions' attention.

Hakase failed to take in the laundry
Hakase failed to take in the laundry

Hakase is on the porch eating snacks, Sakamoto sleeps nearby. It starts raining and Hakase tries to take the laundry down and bring it inside. First she needs to put on her raincoat. Unfortunately she takes too long and the clothes are soaked. Nano arrives home from school. Hakase tries to blame Sakamoto. Nano tries to punish them both by not making dinner for them that night.

Yuuko greets Mio and Mai in the morning on the way to school. It seems Mio has forgotten that the self-portrait assignment is due today. It seems Mai has forgotten as well. Just then it starts raining heavily. They take refuge at a shrine as they wait for the rain to die down. Unfortunately the girls accidentally break some things at the shrine.

Makoto Sakurai playing Igo Soccer
Makoto Sakurai playing Igo Soccer

It is time for Makoto to face off at Igo Soccer with Takasaki-san, if Makoto wins Takasaki will be the Igo-Soccer Club's faculty adviser. Daiku is asked to referee the match, but Daiku still knows nothing about Igo Soccer. Ogi, the last member of Igo Soccer club, shows up to comment on the intense match. Ogi says he hasn't seen such high level play in a long time. Daiku is amazed that he created such a club.

Characters & Voice Actors

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