Episode 18

Episode 18 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 07/30/2011

Episode 18

Yuuko goes to visit Mai in a neighboring town, who has promised free candy. On the way she makes a fool of herself a few times and is followed by a young girl. Misato tries to cover up her crush on Sasahara. Hakase builds Biscuit #2 and tries to impress Sakamoto and Nano. Princess Starla demands to be entertained by the crew members on pain of death, but no one can seem to make her laugh.

Plot Summary

Yuuko and Mio visit Daiku Coffee that just reopened. Yuuko lets Mio order first, hoping that Mio will be as confused as she was when she first ordered coffee. However this isn't the case, as Mio knows exactly what she wants. (See Note 1) Yuuko runs off before her turn to order.

Nakamura-sensei sips her own poison
Nakamura-sensei sips her own poison

Nakamura-sensei continues to try abducting Nano for scientific research. She notices sleeping pills have no effect. She decides to up the concentration of sleeping powder that she uses. Unfortunately the cup overflows and she is forced to drink some of the coffee to prevent it from spilling over. She gets knocked out and science class is cancelled for the day.

Misato Tachibana tries scolding Sasahara again, this time for not doing his cleaning duties. Misato is embarrassed when asked how she knew Sasahara was on the roof.

Yuuko reads Mai's directions
Yuuko reads Mai's directions

After school Yuuko tries her hand at a crane game, but the machine breaks. On her day off Yuuko travels by train to see Mai. Apparently she will get free candy. Yuuko witnesses a woman feeding her dog. Also a strange girl with pink hair is sitting beside her (this is Mihoshi). After getting off the train in a hurry she notices the girl following her. Yuuko happens to bump into two life-size dolls by accident, mistaking them for real people and is laughed at by the girl. Yuuko is supposed to meet with Mai at a Daiku burger, and it turns out the girl is also going there and the girl offers to show Yuuko the way.

When Yuuko arrives there, Mai isn't there yet, and wonders whether she is just having a bad day. The girl turns out to be Misato's younger sister, Mihoshi. Yuuko sees it as practice for real life, since she's in a neighboring town no one will remember her embarrassment. Mai arrives in a full suit of knight's armor.

At the Shinonome household Hakase has trouble getting to sleep. Sakamoto suggests counting sheep. Hakase falls asleep after counting one sheep. Nano tries it too and also falls asleep after counting one sheep.

Mihoshi and Misato Tachibana
Mihoshi and Misato Tachibana

Misato helps repair a wooden sword for Mihoshi. Mihoshi asks whether Misato does things for Sasahara. Misato is embarrassed and makes up excuses for her actions.

A woman on a bus
A woman on a bus

A woman travels far to visit a library in search of a book from her childhood. When she arrives at the library and finds the book she is happy, she opens the book. The pages are cut out to hold a gun. An elementary school teacher is counting down the last seconds for a test. A girl and her friend have coffee together. One of the girls says something is not right, it's not "coffee coffee".

Hakase finishes building Biscuit #2. Neither Nano or Sakamoto react to this. Biscuit #2 actually gets energy from eating biscuits. He can also apparently speed read. Nano says she can do that too, but reads slowly because it seems more human. Hakase ultimately wants Nano to compliment her.

Princess Starla is unimpressed
Princess Starla is unimpressed

The crew on the Princess Starla's blimp are preparing to entertain the Princess. The crew each step up individually and try to impress the Princess. Unfortunately several crew members go up and are thrown out of the blimp. It seems no one can make the Princess laugh. One crew member escapes the room and throws his blue pom poms out the window. The pom poms drop down to the Earth and replace Mio's hair. Yuuko sees this since she is sitting behind Mio, and is sent to stand in the hallway.


1. Mio orders a grande white chocolate mocha frappuccino with caramel sauce, hazelnut syrup, chocolate chips, extra-whip, with a shot of espresso.

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