Episode 17

Episode 17 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 07/23/2011

Detailed Summary

Yuuko invites Mai to walk home with her after school and go to the Daiku coffee place. Mai is wearing a short stilt as her left shoe, making her walk asymmetrically. The shoe also dispensers white rice bits when she walks, attracting small birds. Yuuko is amazed by Mai's fashion statement.

Crow and Sakamoto
Crow and Sakamoto

Nano wonders what to cook for dinner. Hakase has caught a crow. Sakamoto has misplaced his red scarf that allows him to talk. It seems Hakase took it to tie to the crow. The crow is talking very politely, and happens to be very good at killing flies. Sakamoto becomes angry at them and wants his scarf back. Hakase says she will make another one, but she just makes an unconscious robot named Biscuit #1. Everyone is amused by this except Sakamoto. At the end of the day, Crow says he had a lot of fun, but flies away with the scarf.

Mai places her glasses on the house of cards.
Mai places her glasses on the house of cards.

In the school office Principal tries to mount one of the teachers. At home Yuuko is making a castle of playing cards, and is about to place the final two cards on top. Mio, Mai and Nano are there as well. After a number of events, the lights hanging from the ceiling fall and crash down on top of the card pyramid.

Science teacher Kana Nakamura continues to plot on how to capture Nano and study her. Her hole in the ground trick doesn't work, she instead captures Nakanojou Tsuyoshi (student with blonde mohawk), and proceeds to shave off his mohawk.

"Takasaki-sensei! Nakanojou is in trouble!"-Annaka
"Takasaki-sensei! Nakanojou is in trouble!"-Annaka

Takasaki Manabu (the girls' homeroom teacher), after finding out that Makoto (boy who joined Igo soccer club) is Izumi-sensei's younger brother, proceeds to ask Makoto whether Izumi has a boyfriend. Makoto says no and Takasaki is happy. Makoto threatens to tell everyone that Takasaki likes Izumi unless Takasaki becomes the Igo Soccer Club Faculty Adviser. He is approached by Annaka, who tells her that Nakanojou is in trouble. Takasaki has a dilemma who to chase after, Makoto or Nakanojou. Eventually Makoto doesn't say anything and looks forward to having Takasaki as the faculty adviser. This leaves Takasaki able to continue being a teacher. Unfortunately Takasaki and Annaka fall into the trap as well.

The next day Yuuko says that from now on she will no longer call out Mai's jokes. She wants to talk with her like a regular high school girl. That day Mai comes in wearing two pairs of glasses. Ultimately Yuuko cracks under the pressure and calls out Mai's jokes, which is a great relief to her. Yuuko happily accepts that this is the way things are.

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