Episode 16

Episode 16 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 07/16/2011

Plot Summary

Yuuko has a hard time ordering coffee from a new coffee shop that just opened up. Vice Principal plays catch with his grandson Mi-chan. The police have recently been finding fake bills in vending machines and Mio is acting suspiciously. Yuuko has Mio and Mai guess which hand holds her eraser. Love blossoms under a bus shelter. Yuuko visits Nano’s house and meets Hakase.

Detailed Summary

Part 64

Ummm espresso short, is that all?
Ummm espresso short, is that all?

Yuuko decides to try out the new "Daiku" coffee shop that opened up. However, she has almost no experience ordering coffee at a coffee shop. At first she, looks at the menu and tries ordering an "Espresso T" (See Note 1) But is unaware that the "T" denotes the cup size. So when the timid cashier repeats her order for an "Espresso tall," Yuuko is flabbergasted and changes her order quickly to an "Small Espresso T." (thinking that the S represents small) Again, the timid cashier repeats Yuuko's order, "Espresso short, is that all?"

Yuuko eventually concedes, but the timid cashier remembers to ask whether she wants it hot or iced. Yuuko says hot. The cashier then says, the hot espresso comes in sizes solo or doppio (See Note 2). Again, Yuuko doesn't know what to do, but settles for a doppio. As she waits at a table for her order, she feels like a failure. When her order comes, she sips it, and it's really bitter. Just as she leaves the shop it starts raining. And decides just to buy coffee from vending machines from now on.

Part 65

Mio, Yuuko and an officer
Mio, Yuuko and an officer

Mio is stalking Sasahara as he rides around town on his goat. Then she runs into Yuuko. It seems that Mio is in a hurry to go somewhere and do something, as she left as soon as homeroom ended. Just then a police officer comes up to them and asks them a few questions. Lately the police have been finding a lot of counterfeit bills in vending machines, and the police just wanted to ask them if they have seen anyone suspicious.

Mio successfully recovers her manga pages
Mio successfully recovers her manga pages

The police tells them that the suspects is carrying a beige tote bag with red stripes, this description matches the tote bag that Mio is carrying. Then Mio starts acting suspiciously like, putting her hands out in front of her, hyper-ventilating or bowing down to the floor. It seems she wants to protect whatever she is carrying in her bag. Unfortunately the policeman wrests the bag out of Mio's hands and takes a look inside. Revealing, Mio's yaoi manga drawings (See Note 3, Mio goes into a rage and subdues both the police officer and Yuuko for having seen her work, and anyone passing by. She leaves the crime scene with her manga slightly damaged.

Part 66

Yuuko, Mio and Mai see Nano on the way home
Yuuko, Mio and Mai see Nano on the way home

Mio, Mai and Yuuko are at Daiku Burger doing their homework together. Mio and Mai ask Yuuko for an eraser. Yuuko has them guess which hand she's holding the eraser in. After some trickiness, Yuuko lends them the eraser, but it happens to be a character eraser that will only smudge. (See Note 4) When leaving the Daiku Burger, they spot Nano. Yuuko wonders aloud again whether Nano is a robot or not, saying it would be pretty cool. Mio says to just give it a rest, since it bothers Nano.

Part 67

Nano sees Yuuko at the door
Nano sees Yuuko at the door

Yuuko eventually finds Nano's place, which she recognizes with the huge "Shinonome Laboratory" sign on the roof. Nano is scared and nervous when she sees Yuuko at the door, and shuts the door in her face. Hakase lets Yuuko in, and they start having fun together. Nano prepares tea, and is desperate to not give away anything that might show that she's a robot. Nano even tries to get Sakamoto to "nya" like a normal cat, and not talk. (See Note 5)

"Nano is Nano."
"Nano is Nano."

Unfortunately Nano's plan is blown out of the water right away as Hakase tells Yuuko that she created Nano, and proceeds to show off a number of Nano's various attachments and add-ons, like being able to pour tea out of her arm. Hakase and Yuuko have lots of fun playing and laughing together, as Nano watches helplessly. When it's time for Yuuko to leave, she tells Nano that she had fun and it doesn't matter if she's a robot or not, because Nano is Nano. Nano is happy about this.


1. Coffee shops use the following Italian terms to denote cup sizes (from smallest to largest): Short, Tall, Grande and Venti.

2. A solo is a shot of espresso at 30mL, a doppio is a double shot of espresso at 60mL.

3. Yaoi is a genre of manga where boys have intimate relationships with each other.

4. Character erasers are erasers that are shaped into popular characters from movies, shows, anime etc. They can also be generic characters, like the wrestlers shown in this episode.

5. Nya is the japanese onomatopoeia for the sound house cats make.

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