Episode 14

Episode 14 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 07/02/2011

Nano is ecstatic about finally going to school! However the wind-up key is still on her back, and she is extremely worried about being asked about it by other students. The Igo Soccer club gets a new member and they try to learn how to actually play igo soccer. Yuuko buys lunch for herself and Mio but orders the wrong dish for Mio.

Plot Summary

Nano hugs Hakase
Nano hugs Hakase

Nano is ecstatic about going to school finally! Nano spends some time posing in her new school uniform. She them imagines what it’s like to make friends. The takes time making sure she has all the right stationary. Hakase is having some second thoughts when she finds out that Nano will be gone until 5p.m. After some bribes Hakase gives in, but Nano is running late for school.

As Nano is walking to school, excited to start her new ordinary life, she remembers that she still has the wind-up key on her back. As she introduces herself, she gets too embarrassed. On the way to school Yuuko gets side-tracked as her shoe lands on top of a car and it drives off. Yuuko tries to catch up to it, she trips and a dog picks up and runs off with her other shoe.

Daiku Kenzaburou
Daiku Kenzaburou

Daiku and Yuria of the Igo Soccer club are about to spend another day in the club room doing nothing. Then they get a new member, Sakurai Makoto. When Sakurai inquires whether they’re going to practice Igo Soccer, Daiku explains that he just made that up and that this is more of a recreational club to have fun. Daiku is aghast when Sakurai reveals that he was MVP of Igo Soccer at his previous school. Sakurai tries showing them what Igo Soccer is.

Mio and Yuuko fighting
Mio and Yuuko fighting

It turns out Yuuko was out buying lunch for Mio and herself. Mio invites Nano to eat lunch with her, Mai and Yuuko. But lunch is almost over, so they eat at their own desks. Mio opens her lunch and finds a yakisaba, when she asked for a yakisoba. Yuuka eventually agrees to go buy Mio another lunch, but Mio only has a souvenir peso in her wallet. The argument gets more and more heated and the rest of the class starts to watch them. Eventually the make up and all is well. Nano explains to Hakase that friends are amazing, and tries asking her to remove the key on her back, but Hakase refuses saying it is cute.

Characters & Voice Actors

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