Episode 13

Episode 13 is an anime episode of My Ordinary Life that was released on 06/25/2011

Plot Summary

Hakase sets a trap for Sakamoto. Yuuko tries to perform magic for Mio at school, despite her having a terrible fever. Nano, Hakase and Sakamoto go grocery shopping, but Nano insists she will not buy any snacks for Hakase this time. Yuuko gets a miraculous 80% on a quiz. The Vice Principal passes the unreality of his boring day-to-day life by playing with his grandson, Mi-chan. At night, Hakase can't sleep because she is scared of the windy weather.

Detailed Summary

Nano is folding laundry. Sakamoto is very hungry. He notices a raw fish under a basket trap. He decides to eat the fish and Hakase pulls the trap. Sakamoto tells Hakase that Nano wants to go to school. Hakase complains to Nano that she's leaving somewhere. It turns out the fish was supposed to be their lunch, and now Nano has to go grocery shopping. On the way to the store, Nano eventually gives in to Hakase's complaints to buy snacks. Sakamoto is less than pleased.

Yuuko comes to school with a terrible fever. She says she wants to show Mio some magic tricks, but Yuuko does not succeed. Later in the day Yuuko scores an 80/100 points on a quiz, she is very happy with herself. Mio is annoyed by this, despite the fact that she got 96 on the quiz. Near the end of the episode it is revealed that the class average was 92 points, and Yuuko's confidence is shattered.

At night a storm brews, causing the chimney to clang back and forth against the Shinonome household. Hakase has trouble sleeping and slips into Nano's futon to sleep. Hakase then has to go pee, but needs Nano to go with her. When Sakamoto offers to walk Hakase to the washroom, Hakase refuses saying he is too small. Sakamoto is shocked, then Nano wakes up and takes Hakase to the washroom. It turns out Nano is just as afraid of thunderstorms as Hakase. An especially loud thunder causes Hakase to wet herself.

The next morning Nano is folding laundry again. Hakase sneaks up on her and exclaims that starting tomorrow Nano will be attending school, and shows Nano the school's uniform, it is the same one Mio and the others wear. Hakase snickers to herself that now she can eat as many snacks as she wants for lunch. Nano, ecstatic with joy, still worries about removing the wind-up key on her back.

Characters & Voice Actors

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