Episode 12

Episode 12 is an anime episode of Diabolik Lovers that was released on


From the previous episode, Yui had attempted suicide to dispose of herself and Cordelia to protect everyone. Her body grows pale and Subaru removes his knife from her chest. Ayato places her comotose body on the couch and they watch as she continues to grow pale and possibly leave them behind. Reiji explains that her body is fighting death and Cordelia, and with both she might not make it. He then anounces that there might be a way to save her, and so he mixes a violet concoction, though he needs something of Cordelia's for it to work.

Kanato speaks up, saying that there was no longer reason for him to keep it, before he ripped off Teddy's head to produce a single dark violet bottle. Most likely it was either perfume or poison, either way, Reiji took it and mixed it with what he had made. Combined, it swirled inside and joined to become a pale icy blue color. He then says that Yui must drink it, which she can't do on her own in her state of body. Ayato takes the vial and pours it in his mouth before he gets on top of Yui and pours it into her mouth through a kiss.

In the meantime, Subaru goes outside and angrily slashes the white roses, most likely blaming himself for Yui's condition. He swings around his knife, as if that will make up for the woman who potentially was dead. Raito also goes off on his own, however he goes to track down Richter, who is wounded and bleeding in the room where Cordelia's dress is displayed. He compliments his uncle's hiding place of his mother's dress and adds that he was surprised he was even able to get it. He then goes to off to say how he didn't appreciate his uncle trying to take his bitch-chan, and then proceeds to burn him alive and his mother's dress; all of it consumed by green flames. After he leaves, the doors to the attic close permanently.

Later Yui awakens, coughing. She has defeated Cordelia from taking her body much to the brothers' relief; though they may not all express it. Their efforts have paid off in killing their father's first wife from taking the body of this girl. The scene then changes to show an ending animation of the each of the brothers saying a half sadistic and half flirtatious line meant to fanservice. After that, Yui stands on her balcony, looking down and thinking. Ayato comes out and gives her her cross which she clutches in her hand before we see her eyes and that she is not a vampire.

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Shinobu Tagashira Director
Kousuke Toriumi Audio/Sound Theme Song Performer
Hikaru Midorikawa Audio/Sound Theme Song Performer
Yuki Hayashi Music Yuki Hayashi is a Japanese animator and episode director for anime.


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