Episode 11

Episode 11 is an anime episode of Natsuyuki Rendezvous that was released on 09/13/2012

It's about time for Atsushi to return Hazuki's body. Atsushi must say goodbye to Rokka and come to terms with things, and so must Rokka. After all that has happened Hazuki and Rokka are finally together, for better or worse. We get a glimpse into the far future.

Plot Summary

Rokka, after overcoming the initial shock of finding out that Atsushi is in Hazuki's body, asks about where the Hazuki she fell in love is. Atsushi says he doesn't know. "When it's time for the flowers to bloom, they'll bloom. When it's time for spring to come, it'll come." Is what Atsushi said to Rokka when she was drunk. It started when one time, Rokka was drunk and lamenting how she wishes she could see the world through Atsushi's eyes and make beautiful flower arrangements like he could. Atsushi was never particularly fond of the phrase, but liked the idea that the phrase he was saying was being etched in her mind.

Wait.. what are you doing with that tool?
Wait.. what are you doing with that tool?

Atsushi says he must leave this world soon, and Rokka starts crying. They both realize that if things keep going like this everyone is just going to end up miserable. Rokka says first to return Hazuki to his body, but then what? To Hazuki's dismay, Rokka seems ready to kill herself and be with Atsushi. As Hazuki tries to stop them, he is just thrown back into dream land. Atsushi, instead of stabbing her with the shears, just hugs her and bites her neck, leaving a mark. Atsushi jokes saying he's a vampire, and will now return Hazuki to his body. Atsushi seems finally at peace with himself.

Rokka and Hauzki live happily ever after?
Rokka and Hauzki live happily ever after?

Hazuki wakes up back in his body. As Rokka and Hazuki are reunited they exchange sweet words. Hazuki in a huff tries to explain what dreams he had while he was away, and how relieved he is to finally have the real Rokka in front of him again. Hazuki initially apologizes for ending up causing so much trouble for her and Atsushi by lending him his body. But Rokka just thanks him for being there and spotting Atsushi, and risking his life for her sake. Hazuki then starts talking about marriage, Rokka thinks this might be too early to think of that. Hazuki laughs, saying after all he's been through it's actually kind of late.

Atsushi's room is still untouched
Atsushi's room is still untouched

Decades later after Rokka and Hazuki have married and had children and a grandchild of their own. Miho is at the Shimao Flower Shop, telling her niece (presumably Rokka and Hazuki's daughter) about how Rokka and Hazuki worked on the shop together. They have now both died, and they agree that it was a good thing that Hazuki got to see his grandson, who has Rokka's eyes. The niece comments how one room in the shop was never opened. This is referring to Atsushi's room, which was still kept.

Atsushi Shimao
Atsushi Shimao

As the grandson is wandering around the shop, he walks into Atsushi's room, and is approached by Atsushi, who is there as a ghost again. The room still contains all of Atsushi's things, implying that Rokka might have still had lingering feelings for Atsushi. Atsushi asks the grandson to promise to get rid of everything in that room, saying that now he doesn't need it anymore. The grandson says sure, and Atsushi asks him to call him "grandpa" once. The grandson (of Hazuki) just replies by saying, "Huh? My grandpa is dead." Atsushi just laughs and floats out of the shop and up into the sky.

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