Episode 10

Episode 10 is an anime episode of Natsuyuki Rendezvous that was released on 09/06/2012

Things start to get serious as Hazuki's life might be at stake the more time he spends away from his body. Atsushi is as cold toward Hazuki as ever and possessive of Rokka. Rokka, after realizing that it is Atsushi in Hazuki's body, is happy and sad, but has some concern.

Plot Summary

Atsushi threatens Hazuki
Atsushi threatens Hazuki

In dream land, something strange has happened, as Hazuki is now in Atsushi's body, and he and dream-Rokka are dressed up in black clothing to attend Hazuki's body's funeral. Hazuki's body is found being carried away in a glass box by the dwarves they met earlier. Dream-Rokka's voice changes as she tells Hazuki to just give up, that he was foolish to think he could spend so much time in this world and go back to the real world again, that this was Hazuki's fate ever since he got involved with a ghost. She goes on to say that Hazuki was naive for falling in love. Dream-Rokka turns out to actually be Atsushi's spirit, which explains her change in voice, Hazuki feels like hitting him. Atsushi has Hazuki right where he wants him, and talks about effectively killing Hazuki (by not giving back his body). When Atsushi pushes Hazuki off a metaphorical cliff, Hazuki wonders if this is what Rokka really wants and if she would be happy being reunited with Atsushi after his sacrifice.

Hazuki can hardly believe his eyes
Hazuki can hardly believe his eyes

Somehow, Hazuki wakes up in the real world, but as a ghost. Realizing how serious things are getting, Hazuki needs to find a way to get his body back. Meanwhile Rokka is laughing and crying over realizing that it is actually Atsushi in Hazuki's body. Atsushi feels that Rokka is being more open with him now, since the last time he saw her cry was all the way back when they were students. Rokka and Atsushi enjoy some rice balls together as Hazuki watches horrified. Hazuki is disgusted by how friendly and coy Rokka is being with Atsushi (who is using Hazuki's body).

When Atsushi realizes Hazuki's presence, he says he needs to go pee, Hazuki follows him and they confront each other. Atsushi thanks Hazuki for lending his body, and suggests to leave things the way they are. Hazuki says Atsushi is going to hell. Atsushi then suggests that he could murder Rokka, and then return Hazuki's body to him, allowing Atsushi and Rokka to be reunited in the afterlife. Whether or not Atsushi is joking, Hazuki tells Atsushi to keep his promise and return his body. Hazuki says he doesn't mind if Rokka is like this for the rest of her life, he still loves her. Hazuki starts crying.

"Where is the Hazuki that I fell in love with?"
"Where is the Hazuki that I fell in love with?"

Atsushi isn't sure what to say and is puzzled by why Hazuki has such strong feelings for Rokka. Upon reflection though, Atsushi isn't really sure why he loves Rokka either. Atsushi gets back to Rokka, and says this will be the last time. Rokka asks for how long Atsushi was in Hazuki's body. After recounting the things that Rokka and Atsushi did while Hazuki was away (going to the sea, staying at the Inn etc.), Rokka asks, "Where is the Hazuki that I fell in love with?"

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