Episode 1

Episode 1 is an anime episode of Natsuyuki Rendezvous that was released on 07/05/2012

Plot Summary

Rokka Shimao a young florist
Rokka Shimao a young florist

Hazuki has fallen in love with a woman named Rokka who runs a local flower shop. He got into a routine of going there 5 days a week to buy small houseplants from her. They hardly talk, but one day Rokka advertises for part-time jobs at the shop. Hazuki gets a job there, but after working there for about 5 months he isn't making any progress with Rokka. Hazuki overhears Rokka talking with Akko, the other part timer, who is going away to Italy to get married and live there. After talking with Akko, Rokka asks Hazuki to come in early the next day.

Hazuki arrives early to help Rokka prepare Akko's present. When he goes into Rokka's home, which is just above the shop, Rokka is cheery as ever, but Hazuki sees a young man in his underwear. Hazuki takes him to be her partner and leaves. Rokka doesn't understand what has come over Hazuki. The next day, Hazuki, Rokka and Akko celebrate Akko's marriage. Hazuki, still depressed over what he saw the other day, goes out on the balcony for a smoke, he sees the same man again. The man first confirms that Hazuki can actually see him, then introduces himself as Shimao Atsushi, Rokka's former wife until he died. Hazuki finds this hard to believe, until Atsushi puts his hand through Hazuki's chest. Inside also, Rokka tells Akko that Atsushi was forgetful and scatterbrained.

Rokka and Hazuki share an umbrella
Rokka and Hazuki share an umbrella

The next day at the flower shop, Hazuki starts noticing Atsushi floating around. Atsushi keeps bothering him to stay away from Rokka. While Rokka is out on a delivery, her sister-in-law Miho arrives to temporarily replace Akko. As they are talking, Miho reveals that it is Rokka's birthday tomorrow. Around lunch it starts to rain and Rokka runs back to the shop. Rokka and Hazuki go out for lunch. As they are walking, Hazuki asks her about her birthday. The date coincides with Rokka and Atsushi's anniversary, it was Atsushi's idea to do that, to make it easier to remember. Also when Atsushi was alive he had told Rokka to move onto the next guy and that Atsushi had no sense of attachment. Hazuki finds this hard to believe and doesn't think this is fair to him thinking to himself, "the deceased should act like the deceased." Hazuki tries encouraging her to move on and hints to her that she could go out with him, but it doesn't work and Rokka tries to brush it off.

When they are having noodles together, Rokka starts crying. She says this is normal when she eats hot food. Rokka asks if Hazuki is in love with her, he says yes. When they arrive back at the shop, the rain has cleared up leaving a rainbow and Atsushi bothers Hazuki some more. Hazuki finally says to Atsushi, "Some day, I'm going to steal your wife."

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kou Matsuo Director An anime director.
Junichiro Taniguchi Character Artist/Designer
Haruka Kawachi Original Concept Haruka Kawachi is a Japanese mangaka who created Natsuyuki Rendezvous and other manga series.
Ryousuke Sawa Animation Director Opening Sequence Animator


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