Enlightenment ~ Dragon Blow

Enlightenment ~ Dragon Blow is an anime episode of Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin that was released on 06/04/2009
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A former ally turns enemy and Reina realizes she needs skill and encouragement in order to participate in Queen's Blade...
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Plot Summary

After Reina catches up to her lover Risty, she wants to get together and have hot sechs or something. But Risty's all like...nooooooo, because Reina is so freakin' weak and uninteresting. The two of them get in a fight and Risty easily beats her before the warrior priestess Tomoe stops them both. Then Risty ends up getting in a fight with the tit-biting snake lady Echidna. I guess they fight to a draw or something. Risty says she'll futz around for two more days, but then she'll leave for someone who can actually fight.

Later, Nanael is freeloading and talking to herself like a crazy lady while Tomoe, Shizuka, and Reina all have dinner. Tomoe gives Reina a nude body massage for some reason I can't remember. Probably something to do with releasing tension (or maybe creating it). The next morning, tit-biting snake lady offers to help Reina train thanks to the surprisingly strong sap of a nearby tree which she boils into a makeshift armor. For no reason at all, she ends up sorta-but-not-quite-raping Reina as she spreads the thick orange sap all over both of their nude bodies while Tomoe and Nanael watch from afar. This provides an example of the [unofficial] Queen's Blade Armor Theory: in shows like this, bare skin has 3x the strength of any real armor.

Anyways, Reina nearly gets psyched out as Echidna begins to spar with her, nude except covered by a single layer of the thick slime that can absorb a few hits. Useless angel starts to call a Queen's Blade match, but Tomoe stops her, and lets them practice for hours on end.

Finally, Reina thinks she's learned everything from just three days of training, and goes to challenge Risty to a fight, but Risty immediately collapses without saying a word. Behind her, the imposing figure of Claudette steps forward, and is pissed off at Reina again for some reason.


  • Japanese Name: "Kaigan ~ Ryū no Ichigeki" (開眼~竜の一撃)
  • Opening Theme: "Get the Door" by Rie Ohashi
  • Ending Theme: "Memories and Promises" - Omoide to Yakusoku (思い出と約束) by Ayako Kawasumi, Mamiko Noto, and Aya Hirano

Characters & Voice Actors

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Masaru Yokoyama Music Anime Composer.


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