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Arthur Hellsing

The Father of Interga Hellsing and the master of Alucard and walter before his death


The commanding officer of the Air Force Hugh Anthony Disward served under.

Abraham Van Helsing

The Vampire Hunter who caught Alucard

Alexander Anderson

Iscariot XIII's most powerful Priest and Alucard's biggest rival.He is charged with killing vampires and destroying any other threats to the church. A genetically bio-engineered human(Regenerator) with the ability to regenerate,and wielding his blessed bayonets.He transformed into A monster of God,by merging with holy relics.

Alexis Hargreaves

Father of Cain and Jezabel


The main protagnist of the Hellsing series. Alucard is really count Dracula who was defeated by Abraham Van Hellsing before the series start. He became the Hellsing Organizations weapon against the undead and is truly the most powerful vampire in existence.

Ana Coppola

A British girl who lived in Japan so long, she lost the ability to speak English.

Avril Bradley

A foreign Exchange Student from Britan, and Kazuya's best friend other than Victorique.

Ayerton Grenavan

A scientific officer aboard US warship Abraham; he claims to be an English nobleman who's going to inherit a large wealth from his family.


A Street Fighter from England.


A baobhan sith who infiltrated Hellsing HQ as Integra's sister.

Camilla Sauer Keynes

Hugh Anthony Disward's childhood friend. She is a teacher and has the tendency of wearing odd clothes she has brought with her from "The New World".

Cammy White

the second female character introduced in street fighter

Cecilia Alcott

The IS cadet representative from England. Who challenged Ichika for the position of class representative, but manages to win only because his IS energy shields ran out before he manages to hit her. She soon starts to see him as gives him the Class Representative position.


Christie is an assassin.

Count Cain

Cain C. Hargreaves is sadistic mystery solving count

Cross Marian

Cross is a general of The Black Order who is Allen Walker's master. Cross has the unique ability to convert Akuma to do his bidding.

Dallaglio Hayward

A musician and the one who created Christabel.


A Street Fighter from England.

Ellis Valentine

Pilot of the British giant robot Dragliner along with her step brother Knight Valentine.


English maid of the Victorian era


Arthur Kirkland is the man that is representing the United Kingdom during World War 2.

Enrico Maxwell

The head of Section XIII who grew up from a An illegitimate child.A fanatical Christian, he lived and died in his hubris for his religion.

Enrico Stivaletti

A minor vampire from the Hellsing anime. Enrico was a Freak Chip vampire who tried to turn his roomate/lover Mick into a vampire but was stopped before finishing his plan. While in the morgue he reanimated and went on killing spree to find Mick.

Great Britain

Great Britain was originally from the United Kingdom. He was once a famous and talented stage actor with a broad knowledge of famous shows. 007 has the incredible ability to reshape his cellular structure at will, allowing him to take form of any object, creature, or person he wishes. With his superb acting skills, he can also blend in with the enemy to use sneaky maneuvers and attacks.

Harry Anders

An MI-5 Agent who apparently cooperates with Kim

Heinkel Wolfe

A dangerous Iscariot Assassin.Would eventually became a fearsome regenerator soldier for Christianity.


A young-looking vampire that spends her time reading and listening to "Solveigs Song" by Grieg. She appears to live alone in a dark old house. Despite her young appearance, she is quite old and becomes something of a role-model for Seras.


A true vampire that appeard in the Hellsing anime.

Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

The current Leader of Hellsing Organization and the daughter of Sir Arthur Hellsing.

Jan Valentine

The Youngest of the valentine brothers.

Jin Kisaragi

A Major in the NOL, and one of its elite commanding officers. Ragna's biological brother.

Jizabel Disraeli

Alexis's firstborn and illegitimate son, Jizabel is a primary antagonist in the series. Unlike Cain, Jizabel adores their father, despite being treated just as horribly, if not worse, by the man.

John Denbat

He is an X-Law member and his goal is to kill Hao just like all of his teammates.

Jon Talbain

Jon Talbain is a werewolf in Capcom's Darkstalker's series, fighting other Darkstalkers and humans to push himself to eventually overcome his curse.

Joseph Carpenter

The head of the British Library Special Operations Unit and Yomiko's former boss, most known as Mr. Carpenter. After the fall of the Gentleman and the decline on England's influence in the world he plots an evil scheme to take control over the world, whatever it costs.


A tool in Joseph "Joker" Carpenter's scheme. Considered to a perfect I-Jin, this young boy is extremely reserved but fond of people who show him kindness.

Kevin Mask

Son of Robin Mask.


A news reporter, she tries to prove afterwards that vampires exist to the general public. One such feat was watching a snuff film being recorded in which a vampire would attack a man who clearly had no idea what is going on.

Lady Pippa

She is attached to the Agency school in England, although she's interests are centered less on the classroom and more on the young male recruits who pass the Agency's door and into her bedroom.

Luke Valentine

The Older brother of the Valentine Brothers

Makinami Mari Illustrious

Makinami Mari Illustrious is a mysterious girl who is a secret operative that was the pilot of Eva Unit-05, and sneaked into Japan to infiltrate NERV for a yet unknown purpose.


Makube is Enrico Maxwell's successor as the Bureau Director of the Iscariot Organization.

Mary Weather Hargreaves

She is Cain's ten year old half sister. Originally believed to be the daughter of Alexis and a maid, she is actually not related to Cain

Mashiro Shiina

Mashiro is a world famous artist. Unfortunately, she knows nothing other than drawing, resulting in an extreme lack of living ability and common sense.

Mr. Gentleman

Is the head of the British Library


Perhaps one of the most powerful choujin alive, Neptuneman started out as Quarrelman until he met a god and became virtually unstoppable.

Paula Dickinson

A big fan of the author, Lenny Lents. She was also one of editors.

Peter Fargusen

Commander of the Hellsing Organization's military.

Pip Bernadotte

The Commander of the wild geese

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