Energy Blast Things

Energy Blast is a anime/manga concept
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Banisher is a powerful sword, only Lyos can use.

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit are a mystical fruit that can give the user, when eaten strange, but Interesting abilities. They are rare to find throughout the Grand Line, in One Piece.


Keridon is a Trigger, that allow the user to turn into weapons.

Magnus Hammer

A powerful weapon created by Solus Prime which eventually found it's way into the possession of Ultra Magnus. It has had many names. Not only is it a strong weapon in it's own right, but when used by a Prime can create super-weapons imagined by it's wielder.


The Smasher is Z's weapon of choice, it made from Sea Stone


Swordbreaker is a lost ship


Triggers are tools that allow Neighbors or Humans to form weapons or tools from their Trion.

Zanaffar Armor

Zanaffar Armor is an armor that protect the user from magic at a cost

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