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Endgame is an anime episode of The Legend of Korra that was released on 06/23/2012
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Legend of Korra finale Reviewed by secretzfan on June 28, 2012. secretzfan has written 14 reviews. His/her last review was for Soul Eater. 11 out of 20 users recommend his reviews.

Well there were many parts of this series that have proven to be very interesting. It was truly a great sequel the the awesomeness of the "Last Airbender" aka "Legend of Aang." The series had many laughs and giggles and the characters were very interesting and the voice acting was phenomenal, but as we go deeper into this series and learn more and more about the cool and deadly Amon who can take people's bending away we find our selves entering the finale of this great series. Korra vs Amon being the classic hero vs villain battle. And I must say sadly the finale DID NOT live up the expectation the rest of the series had. This 2 part episode carefully moves us into the war against Amon as Korra goes undercover as one of Amon's minions. Through this they find a old enemy locked in chains and a big revelation comes forth as they learn that the man behind the mask was a brother of this man. This threw me for a loop as we never get a single hint on this and the idea isn't that shocking as thinking of it being Aang or Katara or even Sokka from the main. Either way the idea did make sense and we get a interesting flashback of Amon as a child water bending with his brother. A heartfelt scene that makes you deel for Amon. And yet you find your self lossing all those feelings as you watch Korra and Mako go in to use his background against him and defeat him. It becomes a funny laughs and shocker for me though when he takes his mask off revealing he was burned by a fire bender. However this did not change my attitude on the idea that he was a water bender. Korra realizes she can't convince the masses of the evil of Amon and runs away. The war wages on against Amon as Korra tries to get away only for Amon to do the stupidest thing ever. He proves to Korra he was a water bender and blood bends them despite the fact that he has defeated all other benders without using this skill. He ends up getting caught but immediately kills the person who does this. He finally takes Korra's bending after fighting Mako proving to be a true bad ass. Then the most amazing thing in the episode happens and Korra finally air bends Amon away defeating him. Amon then uses his anger and accidentally water bends in front of a crowd proving he was a waterbender and the scar was a sham. He battles Korra only for him to lose his beding from Korra which also means sense he needed to blood bend take others bending away that he could no longer use any of his abilities. The biggest shocker of the episode ends up being when Amon talks to his brother asking him to go with him so they can leave together. His brother goes with him and ends up doing a double suicide there. Now when Kid's series does that you know there will be a horade of people getting angry about it. Either way the scene gave me a bit of delight to see this episode had some good scenes. As we move on into the end of the episode I then find a bit of a boring notion go through me as we see Korra lose her bending and leave Mako then get her bending back by the renowned Aang and go back to kissing Mako making the episode feel like not a Season Finale but a SERIES FINALE!!! In faxt the whole thing felt like a rip off of a Avatar: The Last Airbender Series Finale. And even though I know that this series was originally meant to be a little comedy, dark series with only one season the fact is that it wasn't and they should have gave some idea as to what season 2 was gonna be about. Hell I question what they would do about te next book since Korra had learned all the elements. Well... lets see how this works out.....

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