Endgame is an anime episode of The Legend of Korra that was released on 06/23/2012

Episode 12: Endgame

With information that could crush Amon, Korra rushes to the Arena to expose the man for who he is but gets a shocking surprise. As she fights off the faceless leader, Iroh and the others attempt to stop the Equalists from gaining air support. Everything rests of their shoulders as the War of Republic City comes down to this final conflict between Amon and Korra.

Plot Summary

Bolin, Asami, and Iroh ride with Naga to the northern mountains, they spot an Equalist biplane in the sky as they hone in on the airfield. Iroh orders Bolin to tear up the runways while he and Asami destroy the planes in the hangars. As they sneak in through the back, they wonder why there isn't a fence around the perimeter as they run into an invisible, electric fence; knocking the out in the process. Back in the City, Amon is holding a rally at the Arena where his supporters greet him with enthuiasm. He begins to tell his life story about how he was burned by a firebender when Korra and Mako reveal themselves, calling out Amon's lies. The crowd listens in confusion as Amon lets Korra speak, stating that Amon is a waterbender and a bloodbender by the name of Noatak. The Lieutenant wonders if it is true as Amon says Korra is lying, exposing his face for the first time as it is scarred. The crowd turns on Korra as she knows it to be true. Amon resumes his show as he reveals that he has captured Tenzin and his children for one purpose: to bring an extinction to airbending.

Asami and the others wake up to find themselves tied up in a prison cell in one of the hangars. Hiroshi expresses his regret that Asami has joined the enemy and that she cannot see what she is doing. She points out that her mother would have hated Hiroshi for what he has done but he states boldly that all he has done was to avenge her mother. Asami notes that he is full of rage as an Equalist informs Hiroshi that the planes are ready to take out the coming wave of United Forces ships. Iroh is in shock as Hiroshi reveals he intercepted the message he sent to Bumi and is getting ready to strike back. Trying to escape, Naga comes to their aid and frees them. Iroh jets off as he sky-hijacks a plane as Asami boards a mecha tank. At the Arena, Amon is trying to goad Korra into a fight as he prepares to steal Tenzin's bending. Mako strikes first as they run to the stage, fighting off the Equalists as they free Tenzin and the children. Korra tells them to save Pema and Rohan and they'll distract Amon. Luring him into the training room, he reveals he is a bloodbender and controls the two, forcing Korra into a position as he robs her of her bending.

As the biplanes descend on the city, Iroh is able to strike lightning and fire at a few of them, taking them down one by one as he jumps from plane to plane before destroying the Equalist mask that was placed on Aang's statue. Bolin continues to destroy the runways as mecha tanks approach him. Aiming to defend himself, Naga jumps in and saves him from the tanks. Asami meanwhile is destroying the remaining planes as Hiroshi stops her, attacking her in blind rage. Almost killing her, Bolin stops him as Asami is able to get the upper hand but continues no further. Trying to escape, she stops him coldly as Asami and Bolin look over the destroyed air field. At the arena, the Lieutenant calls Amon out, stating he saw everything. Angered and hurt, he attacks Amon but he stops him and kills him in the process. He goes after Mako next but Mako electrocutes him and flees with Korra. Stopped once more, Korra sees Mako in trouble and is finally able to airbend, shooting Amon out a window. As the Equalists supporters condemn Korra, they see Amon waterbend as they realize he is a fraud. He escapes as he goes to free Tarrlok, apologizing as he wants to flee with his brother. The group congratulates Korra for saving the city but they express sorrow that Amon got to her as a result while the second fleet of the United Forces arrives.

Amon, going by Noatak once more, flees the city with Tarrlok on a speed boat in the middle of the ocean. He expresses joy that they are together as Tarrlok sees the ship stockpiled with Equalists electric gloves. Taking one, he unscrews the gas lid, blowing up the boat killing the both of them. At the South Pole, the group has taken Korra to Katara to see if she can be healed. Korra states while she can airbend, the other elements have been cut off as Korra leaves mournfully. Mako professes his love of her but she scornfully points out that she is no longer special and she isn't important in his life. Leaving to a cliff, she looks over as she senses Tenzin behind her. In reality, it is actually Aang who informs her that she has finally synced with her spiritual side as she can sense the past Avatars as well. Giving her the power of energybending, she is able to bend once more as she enters the Avatar State for the first time. She greets Mako joyfully, expressing her love for him as she goes to Lin, restoring her bending as she looks on proudly as the Avatar.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Bryan Konietzko Writer Bryan Konietzko is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Michael Dante DiMartino Writer Michael Dante DiMartino is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
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