A young man enjoys a day out with his niece.

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Takehiko Hibiya is an artist and former employee of a game developer who recently quit his job because he found out that he has terminal cancer. He keeps this a secret from his friends and family spends his days drawing. While visiting family members, Takehiko is tasked with taking care of Fumika, a daughter of one of his relatives (not to be confused with mail carrier Fumika or Fumika Mikawa). The two go out to the arcade and see a movie and get along very well with each other.

Along the way, Takehiko is a assaulted by a couple of teenagers. When the police arrive, they arrest Takehiko because they believe that he has accosted Fumika. While at the station, Fumika meets the mail carrier Fumika who is delivering a Shigofumi to a woman there. The two hold a brief conversation before mail carrier Fumiya leaves. Eventually Takehiko's situation is straightened out and the two leave the station.

On the way home, Takehiko's car breaks down and he starts to leave for help, but stays behind because Fumika wishes him to. Fumika wanders into the road and is nearly hit by a truck, but Takehiko pushes her out of the way and is killed by the vehicle.

At his funeral, Fumika (mail carrier) delivers a Shigofumi from Takehiko to Fumiya which contains a drawing of Fumiya and a dog from one of her favorite video games, which Takehiko designed.

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