Encounter is an anime episode of Saki that was released on 04/05/2009
Saki doesn't understand why she was taken to play mahjong but that's where Saki and Nodoka met. Nodoka wins but questions Saki's playing style so she asks for another game.
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Plot Summary

In the beginning, a shy girl named Saki is sitting under a tree reading a book when she notices a beautiful, buxom pink-haired student walk by. For a minute she examines her own flat chest, comparing it to the girl's. Saki's friend Kyou embarrassingly catches her. He then asks her to go to the cafeteria with him and buy him the girl's lunch because it looks delicious.

At lunch, Saki notices Kyou playing on his cell phone. She asks if he received a text message, and Kyou reveals that he is playing Mah Jong. Saki expresses her hatred of the game Mah Jong. She tells Kyou that she can play the game, but hates it because she always loses to her family members. Kyou then gets the idea to take Saki with him to a meeting of the Mah Jong club because they need one more person to play a game that day. Kyou thinks of her as easy bait for the rest of the players.

At the meeting, Saki meets the busty, pink-haired girl again whose name is Nodoka. Nodoka is champion Mah Jong player. In bounces a tiny girl carrying a bag of tacos; her name is Yuki. She reveals more information on Nodoka's Mah Jong record and personal life.

The four people, Saki, Nodoka, Yuki, and Kyou all sit down at a table and begin to play Mah Jong. Saki is perceived to be a total newbie at the game as she first plays directly into Yuki's hand. The game begins to move faster, and Yuki's score manages to remain in the middle. Kyou comments that there's something a little off about the way she plays Mah Jong.

A rumble of thunder is heard and a rainstorm begins. Suddenly, a girl who had been sleeping in the room wakes up complaining she didn't bring an umbrella. Saki recognizes her as Student Council President. The girl introduces herself as Hisa Takei and says that she's president of the Student Congress not council. Nodoka adds that Hisa is president of the Mah Jong club.

Hisa looks at Saki's hand, thinking to herself that it's a very good one. However, she is shocked when Saki doesn't use it to take the lead. The game ends, and Saki leaves. Hisa reveals to the rest of the club that Saki had continuously scored plus-minus zero and that it was done on purpose. Hisa says that if Saku were to join the club, they would have five members and could even go to nationals.

Nodoka chases after Saki in the rain and asks her if she purposely score plus-mins zero every game. Saki replies that when she plays the score always ends up like that. Whenever she played with her family, she tried not to win all the time because they would get angry; however if she lost the game, she wouldn't get any candy; therefore, she always kept her score in the middle, plus-minus zero. Nodoka asks Saki to play one more game with her, but Saki refuses maintaining that she hates the game.

The next day Saki goes to the library, but the book she wants is checked out. Hisa comes in, sees what book Saki is looking for and says she has the whole series. She is willing to lend the book to Saki on the condition that Saki play Mah Jong again with the club. The game then commences between Nodoka, Saki, Yuki, and another member Mako. The game is sped up to where there only four rounds. Saki once again manages to maintain plus-minus zero each round, astounding everyone. The episode ends with Hisa musing on Saki's skill wondering if she has the power of god or devil to make such a "miracle" occur.

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