Encounter With Battle

Encounter With Battle is an anime episode of Valkyria Chronicles that was released on 04/04/2009

Plot Summary

The Bruhl Town Watch is evacuating the people of their town to the neighboring town of Landbaste. During the evacuation, Alicia of the Town Watch tries to reassure the villagers that they will be safe, though one woman is worried about the Imperial Army, led by Crown Prince Maximillian, moving towards the town. The woman offers Alicia some of her fresh-baked bread before leaving with her son Hans and the rest of the people. A moment later, Susie runs towards Alicia, saying through panicked gasps that she found a spy, and that Jan and Miguro are watching him as they speak.

Jan and Miguro, a pair of armed teenagers with the Town Watch, are keeping tabs on the spy as Alicia runs over to meet them. They see him writing something in a notebook by the bridge, so they decide to arrest him. Alicia demands to see the notebook, but the man claims that he was only sketching pictures of the "shining trout" in the river. Alicia thinks it's some kind of code and arrests him anyways on suspicion of being an Imperial Army spy. However, the man continues to show ignorance. When asked, the young man calls himself Welkin Gunther.

Suddenly, a warning siren blasts across the town, and Alicia runs back to headquarters, leaving Jan and Miguro in charge of guarding Welkin. They don't seem to notice as Welkin walks up to a passing truck and chats with a woman he seems to know for information about his sister. The woman says that his sister is still waiting for him at his house, when the two teens finally notice Welkin has stepped away and continue escorting him back to their base.

At the HQ of the Bruhl Town Watch, the leaders note that the Imperial Army has been sighted in a nearby forest, and that they might be within striking distance of Bruhl before any allied reinforcements arrive, while Susie faints at the news. Finally, the two teens arrive at the HQ, but the commanders are too busy, so Alicia steps out of the room and helps to throw Welkin into a nearby warehouse while they finish the meeting. As Alicia ties him up, Welkin asks if Bruhl is going to be attacked, and then asks if Alicia would release him so he can go find his sister. Alicia stares at him dumb foundedly for a moment, then locks the warehouse door and asks Jan and Miguro to guard him.

Welkin shimmies up to the door and overhears Alicia telling the teens that the East European Imperial Alliance (the "Imperial Army") and the Atlantic Federation are fighting over a mineral called Ragnite. And because Gallia (where Bruhl is located) has lots of Ragnite, the city may soon be involved in the war. Upon hearing this, Welkin tries to find a way out of the warehouse.

After the Town Watch lays out a plan to protect their people, Alicia and Susie stay behind. Susie talks about how she is afraid to shoot people (despite being in the Town Watch) and Alicia tries to comfort her until she catches Welkin escaping through a window. She starts chasing after him until they arrive in a forest crawling with Imperial Army scouts. Welkin mentions that he's trying to reach his younger sister back at the house. Alicia scolds him for sketching trout when he should've gone to her in the first place, and Welkin responds, "I'm often told that my priorities are strange."

Suddenly, the Imperial scouts spot the two and start firing, but are strangely unable to hit them as Welkin and Alicia run across an open road and into a nearby house. Alicia points out that it's the home of the late General Gunther, and wonders how Welkin knows about it, only to discover that the General was Welkin's father. As the Imperial soldiers keep firing, Welkin and Alicia take refuge deeper into the house. In one room, a woman threatens to cut Alicia with a meat cleaver, but Welkin calls out her sister, Isara, causing her to stop. However, Alicia points her gun at both of them, refusing to believe that a "Darcsen" could be Welkin's sister.

A tank shell hits the roof of the house, causing Alicia to stumble and drop the gun. Isara immediately picks it up and fires at an Imperial soldier outside. After handing the rifle back to Alicia, Isara leads the group down to the shed where she reveals her grandfather's secret stash of hand grenades (Stielhandgranates). Alicia tests it out by arming one and throwing it through a window where some Imperial soldiers are firing from some bushes. Alicia is ready to fight but Isara removes a nearby canopy to reveal a real, working tank hidden in the shed.

Points of Interest

  • In the anime, Alicia comments on Isara's being a Darcsen, and says that she can't be trusted. In the video game, Alicia would not make a racist presumption like that.

Characters & Voice Actors

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