Emma #1 - Emma volume 1

is a manga book published by Enterbrain that was released on 08/30/2002

Plot Summary

The story of a maid in 19-century England who falls in love with an aristocrat.

Chapter 01 - Visit

Chapter 02 - Eyeglasses

Chapter 03 - A Visitor From The South

Chapter 04 - Love Letter

Chapter 05 - Photograph

Chapter 06 - Pocketwach

Chapter 07 - Richard Jones

Chapter 01 - Visit

William Jones meets his former governess Kelly Stowner for old times sake. At her house, he meets Emma for the first time, and falls in love with Emma on the first sight. Even though William came to visit Mrs.Stowner, William tries to talk to Emma whenever Stowner was occupied. When William had to leave, he leaves his gloves on purpose just to Emma will chase after him to give them back to him, which he succeeds. Afterward they decides to take a walk together and have conversation with each other.

Chapter 02 - Eyeglasses

William is spending his dull time at his family's mention, when he hears that his father is coming back, he runs away to avoid him. William meets Emma while she was on errand. While they are together, William ask Emma if she wants a new pair of glasses. She say she'll think about it until next meeting. At that night, Emma reminisce about how she got her glasses for the first time. Since her current glasses are precious present from her employer, Kelly Stowner, she declines William's offer next day. Instead she asks for laced handkerchief.

Chapter 03 - A Visitor from the South

William Gets a surprise visitor, his friend from India Hakim Atawari. Hakim decides to take William on his elephant ride but William gets motion sickness from riding on elephant. He decides to stop by Stowner's house and rest to recover from his motion sickness. While Emma was taking care of William, Hakim gets captivated by Emma's beauty and falls in love with her as well. By the time they leave the house, Hakim becomes speechless.

Chapter 04 - Love Letter

At the beginning of the chapter, Emma receives numerous love letters, including one form postman who just delivered those letters as well, this of course troubles Emma. Back at Jones' mansion, William receives handmade gift that he does not recall ordering. Turns out the item was ordered by Hakim, with an engrave addressing to Emma.Worries, William goes to Stowner's house but when he got there he finds Hakim going inside the house. Inside, Hakim confess his love to Emma but Emma doesn't reply to him right away, and Hakim says he will wait for her reply. William goes to nearest lounge to clear his mind only to find out that other many people has been confessing their love Emma That night Emma stats up late to write replies to all the love letters she had been receiving. Stowner walk in to check on her, when she leaves she wonders how William will act in the near future.

Chapter 05 - Photograph

Kelly Stowner reminisces about her old day, when she was young and still had her husband. It was revealed in the chapter that she was married to her husband at age of 18, but he died two years after their marriage without having children at all. At the end of chapter she talk with her old buddy Al, admits that she is worried about Emma's future.

Chapter 06 - Pocket Watch

Kelly Stowner has broken her ankle, and her body condition has been getting worse ever since. She ask Emma to get some books from library. While this was happening Hakim invites William to test out his new toy, an automobile. The automobile soon runs out of gas, and while it was being fixed the duo decides to stop by the library to pass time. Emma catches William reading a naughty book which was completely Hakim's fault. Emma leaves in embarrassment, William also tried to leave but gets interfered by Hakim because he wanted to check out the book. While talking with librarian William hears about Stowner's condition.

Chapter 07 - Richard Jones

William attends a banquet with Hakim, but prior to the event William had argument with his father, Richard Jone. Turns out William has been rejecting letters of introduction, sent by other girls from other wealth family. Back at banquet, William meets Eleanor Campbell who become his dance partner for the night. Next day Richard decides to visit Stowner but he brings William along with him. At Stowner's place, it starts out with peace talk between Richard and Kelly, however it turns out it was Richard's plan to tell William that his Fiancée has been arranged, Eleanor Campbell. Not only that Richard also clearly states that people of different classes can never be together.


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