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Emma - A Victorian Romance is an anime series in the Emma - A Victorian Romance franchise
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Unique, Beautiful, Fun Reviewed by SEXYTRON on June 12, 2009. SEXYTRON has written 11 reviews. His/her last review was for Hell Girl. 26 out of 28 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
It is obvious that the writers of Emma did their research - this one-of-a-kind anime will take you back into Victorian times, from the scenery to the lifestyles of all of the characters.   You won't find any of the crazy, supernatural, physics-defying, or nonsensical action that is inherent to anime in general.  The strange thing is, it works perfectly.  Emma won't leave you bored or disappointed, nor will it bog you down with filler material or tired plot points.   As much a love story as a commentary on England's 19th century caste system, both seasons of this series will keep you hooked until the very end.

Emma, a maid, and William, the son of a wealthy family, fall in love with each other.  However, the two will face opposition from William's family, society, and even Emma's acquaintances.  In addition, both Emma and William have other people contending for their respective affections. I won't give anything away, but watch and find out if love always triumphs or if society will ultimately force the two apart.

First of all, the artwork is absolutely gorgeous.  I found myself watching the opening every single time instead of skipping it, just to see the artwork and hear the music.  Which brings me to my next point - the soundtrack is amazing and fits very well.  The plot itself, although it centers around a love story, isn't too "girly" for both guys and girls to enjoy, guilt free.  I can't stress enough that this anime is truly unique.  There is little risktaking in the anime industry these days, and I am glad that someone took the risk.

The whole series can be bought in 2 separate box sets.  The publisher is Right Stuf Anime, a company that sacrifices certain features in order to cut costs to bring small studio anime worldwide.  Part of this cost cutting initiative includes not releasing separate DVD's - box sets are the only way to buy. In addition, there is no English dub available - Emma is translated through subtitles only.  Emma can be purchased for around $50 per season, and this gem is well worth the money.
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