Emi Mizuchi

Emi Mizuchi is a anime/manga character in the Sukeban Deka franchise
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One of the three main antagonists of the OVA Sukeban Deka.


Emi Mizuchi
Emi Mizuchi
Emi Mizuchi is a creation by Shinji Wada for the Sukeban Deka manga, and later, the original video animation of the same name. She is the high-school aged youngest daughter of the ruthless and exceedingly wealthy Gozo Mizuchi. Emi is an aspiring artist who dreams of attaining fame and praise and, like her two sisters Ayumi Mizuchi and Remi Mizuchi, is very evil and hedonistic.
Prior to the OVA's events, Emi carries out her eldest sister's plan to viciously murder 76 of her schoolmates from Takanoha Gakuen High School by attaching gas tanks beneath two of the school buses, which later cause all of the students, as well as the drivers, to fall unconscious and drive off a steep cliff to their deaths. Soon after, a new batch of students are enrolled, the parents of whom Gozo plans to exploit in order to further his family's success.

Emi sabotages the bus-ride
Emi sabotages the bus-ride
While her sisters ultimately make the heroine, Saki Asamiya, their main antagonist, Emi finds her rival in classmate Junko Yuina, who is a much more gifted artist than she. Gozo bribes the judges at the Shiki Exhibition to choose his daughter's painting, provided that it is a respectable offering. However, after Ayumi plants the seed of doubt in regards to her sister's talent, Emi decides she should take no chances. Emi pays a visit to Junko's small apartment and is overwhelmed as she gazes upon the beautiful, near-finished painting she has created. The following night, Emi instructs two of the family's goons steal the painting and kidnap Junko, who is then brutally raped and drugged throughout the week, and finally murdered. 
Emi at Junko's residence
Emi at Junko's residence
Emi copies the stolen painting exactly and presents it at the exhibit with her father. However, her new success is short lived as Saki and her friend Sanpei crash the party and expose her scam. Both Mizuchis are then arrested by the police, and surrounded by press, to which Emi is thrilled to finally be getting the attention she deserves. Just as they are being carried off, however, another unnamed classmate, who had been hypno-programmed by Remi, shoots and kills both Emi and Gozo, before finally turning the gun on herself.
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Name: Emi Mizuchi
Name: 海槌詠巳
Romanji: Mizuchi Emi
Gender: Female
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1st anime movie:
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