Elie's Tragedy

Elie's Tragedy is an anime episode of Rave Master that was released on 02/23/2002

Mystery of Elie Arc

Elie's Tragedy -エリーの悲劇...- (Erī no Higeki)

Released on 2-23-2002

Out of Time, Part 2

Released on 10-30-2004

Short Plot Summary

Despite Sieg Hart's explanation that Elie is just a lab experiment, Elie denies it all. As she begs for her memory, Sieg Hart tells her that he kill her painlessly. As Haru is rushing to save Elie, Sieg Hart is busy electrocuting Elie to death.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Butterfly Kiss" by Chihiro Yonekura

"Rave-olution" by Reel Big Fish

Sieg Hart finds Elie, and Elie asks Sieg Hart about his identity. Sieg Hart explains he is a watchman of time who protects time from all dangers. The most dangerous thing he says is Etherion. As Elie follows Sieg Hart, he tells her that Resha is the first one who uses Etherion, but after she dies, there are more experiments dealing with Etherion out there. A year ago, Sieg Hart destroys a lab and finds Elie who is the only survivor.

Sieg Hart tells Elie she is the same girl that he found at that lab. Elie tries to tell Sieg Hart that she is Elie, but he tells her that she has no name. She yells at Sieg Hart that she has parents, and she is a normal girl. However, Sieg Hart shoots a small bolt of lightning on Elie's left arm which reveals digits "3173." A flash back of Elie's tattoo pain is shown. At first, Elie denies everything and she wants to know her birthday, her parents, and more. Elie threatens Sieg Hart to tell her everything, yet Sieg Hart walks slowly to her. As Elie drops her tonfas, she backs away slowly. Sieg Hart reassures her that he will kill her painlessly to make time safe, but Elie grabs him to ask him to explain her past repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Musica finds Hebi hanging out with a bunch of girls. Hebi tells Musica that Elie is hugging a man with blue hair. Haru rushes to the fortune teller and begs her to show where Elie is. Back to Elie, Sieg Hart shocks Elie violently, but she still lives. Sieg Hart explains that Etherion has the power to create and destroy when he tells her that Resha use etherion to create the Rave. Sieg Hart grabs Elie's face and pours the poison element in her mouth. Elie screams in agony and grabs Sieg Hart's cloak and begs him to let her die. Haru is still running to save Elie.

Ending Themes

"Kokaku no Yurikago" by Chihiro Yonekura

"The Power of Destiny" by Jennifer Paige

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiro Mashima The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.


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