Elg is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Elg is the 1st Branch Chief of the Gourmet Corps and one of its oldest members. He is also a powerful member as he is capable of entering the Gourmet World unaided.


Very little is known about Elgs exact history but we do know that Elg was born into a small village with a highly deformed face. His appearance got him quiet a lot of abuse and is a major reason for his emotional distress and insecurity over his real appearance.

Around 200 years ago, Elg, through an unknown method acquired the body of a child Heraku, one of the mythical Horse King beasts only found in the Gourmet World, and fused it with his own body, thereby gaining immortality and unending life. He also reveals later during his fight with Brunch that he eventually stopped caring about everything, because he had already experienced everything many times over and that there is little left in the world that can make an impression on him, enough to stimulate his brain.

At an unknown point he joined the Gourmet Corps and became one of its first and most powerful members, he also changed his appearance to hide his true face from Midora as he considered it an insult on Midoras appetite.


Elg is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the minor characters. At this moment, there is no information on any inspirations used in Elg's concept design or his name.

Character Evolution


Elg has the appearance of a very tall, extremely muscular man with shoulder length black hair. He generally keeps the upper half of his body completely covered and wrapped in bandages, in an effort to hide his true appearance from the Gourmet Corps Boss Midora.

His body beneath the bandages however is that or a normal looking human torso, head and arms, his eyes however lack pupils or irises

His most notable trait is his bodies unique lower half. Through an unknown method, Elg managed to fuse his upper human body with the lower half of a child Heraku, a powerful Gourmet World beast noted to be the "Horse King". With it he took on the appearance of a centaur, and also gained his unique ability of immortality and never ending life.

Story Arcs

Cooking Festival Arc

Elg is seen gathering with fellow Gourmet Corps members Starjun, Grinpatch, Tommyrod, Chiyo and Limon, as they prepare to head out towards the island hosting the Cooking Festival from their Headquarters in the Gourmet World.

After their arrival at the Cooking Festival, Elg descended into the cooking stadium with the assistance of Limon and Chiyo to start their mission. As the Gourmet Corps beasts started to rampage through the stadium, Elg jumped in and intercepted the famous chef Tengu Brunch, after he had just destroyed some of the beasts with his Parallel Electric Punch, stating to him that his boss would be delighted that he showed up at the festival. Before he could continue however, Brunch hits him swiftly with an electrical attack that not only surprises him, but knocks him down to the ground. Elg stands back up from the attack amidst the smoke and reveals that the bandages covering his face and body have become loose, revealing much of his facial features, prompting Brunch to question what he was. Elg replies in a manner similar to his appearance that he is the Branch Chief of the First Branch, but before being allowed to finish his sentence again, Brunch hits him once more with a blast of electricity which knocks him down again.

Brunch begins to gloat, stating that he was annoying and that he would not remember his name anyway even if he told him. But as brunch turned away, he suddenly sensed Elg was back on his feet behind him, and as he turned to ask him what exact he was, Elg with incredible power and speed managed to get around and attack him from his front while he was turning. Brunch manages to evade the attack, which earns him a compliment from Elg stating that his speed is light lightning. Elg also questions him on how his electric attack work, theorising that he generates electricity from his body, which Brunch tells him is correct and quite handy in this day and age with the move to electrical kitchen appliances. Brunch then takes the moment to activate his Parallel Electric Chop, which hits Elg directly and begins to fry his body, but Elg returns from the attack laughing with a big smile on his face and instantly launches a high speed attack right at Brunch, who just barely evades with his ability to turn into lightning suffering a scratch on his cheek as a result.

Brunch questions how he survived the attack noting that he was certain he was dead, and Elg simply tells him that he was already in the middle of introducing himself before he started attacking. Elg stated his rank title and position in the Gourmet Corps fully to Brunch while also stating his nickname of "Ageless Elg" and telling him that the reason for the nickname is that his body never ages and that he will never die. Brunch, taken aback by this news, starts to question him further only to realise that the bottom half of Elgs body was that of a Horse King "Heraku", a legendary horse which resides in the Gourmet World, which is like him, ageless and immortal. Elg points out that the body attached to him however is only a child. Brunch, somewhat surprised by this news rhetorically asks if he actually fused his body with the legendary beast. Elg however continues to explain how the cells were extremely compatible and that normally the Herak would never allow anyone to mount it, laughing and then stating that he did however and with it managed to gain its immortality and power.

Brunch laughs and tells him that the beast can no longer be considered legendary or mythical now that it was attached to him, and that he is just like any other rare beast, while drawing out his Lightning Kitchen Knife. Elg chuckles and tells him it’s ironic to be called a rare beast by someone such as him, and at that moment Brunch attacks him with his Spiral Lightning Fine Cut, slicing him into hundreds of individual pieces and frying them all simultaneously. Brunch continues to berate him stating that what he has is not immortality, and that its just plain old cell regeneration. As a smile breaks out on Brunches face he starts to turn back towards Elg saying that with him in so many pieces, he won’t be able to regenerate. The smile then turns to one of shock and horror as he realises that Elg is still alive, and not only that but each of the pieces have regenerated into an entirely new body completely outnumbering him.

While Brunch looks at them, shocked by the fact he was still alive, Elg tells him that he has lived for around 200 years and that after living that long, time seems to pass by faster, but also tells Brunch that the stimulus the brain receives after having lived so long also decreases and eventually you have experienced everything. Telling him that none of these experiences can make it into his memory because he has experienced them time and again. As Brunch looks towards the small army of Elg clones, one of them emerges from the ground beneath him and grabs his leg. Brunch realises that his batteries are drained and that he will not be able to attack, just as another Elg lands a powerful kick to his chest, causing him to cough up blood and go flying across the ground. Elg then tells him that he will soon forget his name and this fight because his brain is not even stimulated, and as Brunch gets up from his beating, he realises that the cut on his cheek was because there were already more than one of his bodies present here, allowing Elg to attack him from multiple directions simultaneously.

Brunch explains how he moves by creating stepped leaders in the air and then moving through them as a return stroke, similar in movement to how lightning strikes the ground. Brunch then charges himself up for another attack, telling Elg that there are some powers in this world that are greater than immortality. Elg, amused by the fact that Brunch was able to survive his kick, tells him that he hopes that he can provide him with an even greater stimulus so that he might be able to commit even a small portion of this battle to his memory, and he and his other bodies rush at brunch in an effort to land a hit. Brunch however evades their attacks and uses his stepped leader to get in the sky, activating his Parallel Electric Cutter, which struck down from the sky above and cut and electrified all of Elgs bodies at once leaving numerous deep wounds on his bodies. Elg however notes that the voltage in this attack is rather weak, as Brunch then follows up with his Wind Thunder Sickle Weasel attack further cutting them up.

Elg however, remains completely unfazed by his attacks stating that his body has now adapted to his voltage and current and he has built up a natural resistance to it. He also realises that the batteries in Brunches neck indicate that he can only generate so much electricity before has to absorb more energy to replenish his supply, noting that he is now all out of energy. Brunch tells him that it doesn't matter as he can just replace the batteries, but Elg wonders if he still has the stamina left to actually convert that power and continue fighting. Elg then begins to mock his power stating that at this point the best he could so it make some light cuts on his skin due to his increasing resistance to Brunch’s attacks.

As Brunch prepares for one final attempt, Elg charges him and starts a vicious attack, landing multiple powerful hits on Brunch and causing serious damage. As the final attack sends Brunch flying into the distance, he tells him there is nothing to be ashamed of as the memory of this fight will soon be deleted from his memory anyway and as Elg tries to remember his name, Brunch interrupts him stating his name and telling him that he is able to convert all kinds of energy into electricity and that he should think of him like a power plant. Brunch then thanks Elg for those attacks stating that he was able to convert all the energy of those attacks into electric for his final special attack, Elg begins to say that even if the attack is powerful his resistance is too great. But before Elg could finish speaking, Brunch activated his Special Attack, Series Great Electrification Attack, which lands direct on Elg charging his body with deadly levels of electric, something that Elg notes is even beyond his current resistance.

Brunch then tells him that the reason he used his Parallel Electric Cutter was not to try and kill him, but to make him bleed which in turn would allow him to send his currents through his blood stream as it is the best conductor. Elg tells him that it won't make any difference as he can just regenerate his blood continually. Bunch tells him however, that this attack was not like the others, and that he has actually charged his entire body with electricity and that no amount of regeneration can save him as his body will just keep conducting that electric charge through his body endlessly. As Brunch turns away and starts walking, Elg is continually getting shocked to death only to regenerate and repeat the process again. He screams out Brunch name which makes Brunch turn back and tell him that the fight really was stimulating for him in the end, mocking him by feigning to forget his name. As Elg continued through the process of being electrified and then regenerating, his true face appeared, and it was one of a very deformed old man. BBunch noted that his Gourmet Cells must have finally given up on trying to regenerate, and that this is the real appearance of his 200 year old body. When Brunch asked Elg the reason why he hid his true appearance under those bandages, he replied saying that it would have been an insult to Midora's appetite.

Elg then asked if Brunch thought he looked ugly, remembering that it has been quite a while since he has let anyone see his true face. Elg however is surprised by Brunch’s reply when he tells him he looks good, saying that in his village, there are some truly ugly looking monsters and that compared to them he is good looking. After hearing this, Elg broke out into a smile and tells Brunch that he had never heard such stimulating words before, and as he mulled over them he thinks to himself that he will remember his words for all eternity, and as he lay there his body crumbled into dust and blew away in the wind, and Elg finally passed from the world after his incredibly long life, at peace with his own appearance.

Powers and Abilities


Elg was one of the strongest members the Gourmet Corps had at their disposal. He was also one of the first members capable of entering into the extremely dangerous Gourmet World without the use of a GT Robo.

His unique body gave him very powerful abilities, and thanks to his immortality and age, he gained decades of battle experience and knowledge which allowed him to discern in the heat of battle Tengu Brunchs weaknesses, which he then exploited through various means. Elg was also fused with the lower half of a child Heraku, the "Horse King" of the Gourmet World, bonded extremely well with his own cells which indicates that his Gourmet Cells are quite advanced and powerful in their own right. Through this bonding he gained incredible speed and strength, enough to cause a few problems from the equally fast and powerful, Brunch.

His intelligence and battle strategy is commendable as he had hidden multiple clones of himself prior to attacking Tengu Brunch, in the event he need them to deal damage.

Immortality and Regeneration

After bonding his upper half with the lower half of a Heraku, Elg gained near perfect immortality. He was incapable of aging, gaining the nickname "Ageless Elg", and was able to regenerate almost all forms of damage dealt to his body. His longevity is shown when he states that he has lived for almost 200 years, and yet he retains a very youthful appearance.

His regeneration however is very powerful, as he is shown to have the ability to regenerate from nearly all forms of damage. He was able to take most of Brunches attacks head on with virtually minimal damage, only to regenerate any of the damaged areas or lost cells within a very short time span.

Another notable train seemingly linked to his immortality, is that he gained the ability to adapt all his cells to certain types of damage thereby gaining some level of resistance to said attacks in the future. This is shown when his cells started to adapt to the damage dealt in Brunchs electric and lightning based attacks.

Clonal Fragmentation

The most useful trait of his regeneration however, is his ability to "clone" himself from pieces of his body through recreating his entire body from just a single piece. The method is seen in asexual reproduction, where Elg has the ability to regenerate each individual piece of his destroyed body as a brand new body.

This allows him to create a seemingly unending number of clones, as long as their are pieces to create them from. The best showing of this ability is after Brunch sliced him into hundreds of pieces, only to have each piece form into a full body and completely surround him.

All the clones seem to retain the strength, speed, intelligence and power of the original body, making each clone a deadly opponent and more than just a distraction.


Elg showed very few custom combat skills in his fight with Brunch, relying simply on pure brute strength speed.

Heraku Kick - Elg first immobilizes his target through the use of his clones, and then launches himself forward and lands a powerful and deadly kick to the immobilized target dealing heavy damage.

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Name: Elg
Name: エルグ
Romanji: Erugu
Gender: Male
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Aliases Ageless Elg
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