My impressions of Elfen Lied

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I'll be honest, I was a little disappointed with this series. I had heard it was ridiculously gory, but for a gore hound like myself it was a little tame. Really all there is in terms of gore is lots and lots of blood, and while the constant telekinetic beheading is always hilarious, it loses it's impact quite quickly indeed. I would have liked to have seen some organs flying around; I had hoped that the bloody hand print on the back of the Director's suit in the first episode would be used to push his heart out, but it's rare here.

The series also doesn't offer much in terms of plot, and what is there is kind of weak. The only time it elicited an emotional reaction from me was when those douchebag kids were beating that dog to death, and their resulting massacre was well earned. I also felt that it telegraphed some of the big reveals a little too heavily; that Lucy had known Kouta as a child and had killed his family was far too obvious, and I felt it would have been better had there been a bit more mystery as to what had become of Kouta's family. This would have worked well with the memory repression angle as Kouta could have just thought his family was still alive, that they had simply sent him off to University, which would have made the train scene a lot more emotionally impacting. The ending was also particularly bland as it seemed to go for a "and they all lived happily ever after" type ending, which is always lame especially when the potential for a satisfying end was there.

I found the series to be thematically dull, also. We've seen things like ostracization (can't remember how to spell that for the life of me) and racism done elsewhere, and much better. It just felt like a bit of a mess, to be completely honest.

The animation was fine, though nothing special. It didn't really have it's own style, but that's okay; not everything needs to. Again, it was just dull.

Overall I felt that the series was just particularly average, which is why I give it a 5/10. I had heard the hype about this series for years, and it certainly didn't live up to it.

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