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Elfen Lied is an anime series in the Elfen Lied franchise
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Arakawa is an aspiring scientist trying to find the vaccine to solve the “Diclonius problem.” In the manga she does find the vaccine however in the anime she does not.


A member of SAT, he is a top of the line soldier fighting a vendetta against Kaede (aka Lucy) for mutilating him.

Chief Kurama

chief of research working for Kakuzawa. He is the father of mariko and surrogate father of Nana. He also leads the efforts to capture lucy and bring down Director Kakuzawa.

Director Kakuzawa

The main villain of Elfen lied. He seeks to become a “God of the new race” and is willing to use his research, black mail, bribery and unlimited Government funds to advance his goals.


Kouta’s younger sister of 10 years. She is possessive of her brother and has the ability to see vectors and knows Kaede (aka Lucy) has killed people.


Kurama's personal secretary who is a sweet but clumsy--she's always messing up Kurama’s coffee. She was killed by Lucy when she broke free from her prison.


Elfen Lied's Main Character and Love Interest of Lucy/Nyuu and Yuka


Lucy; or her real name Kaede, the original Diclonius and source of all the Siplets.

Mariko Kurama

daughter of Kurama and the only surviving "third generation" Silpelit. she is the strongest in the anime, however in the manga she is secound to Lucy/Kaede.


Mayu is a 14 year old runaway who lives with Kouta and company, being one of the first main characters to see who Lucy really is.


A Silpelit Diclonius who is kept in a research facility her entire life until secretly being released after a brutal battle against Lucy.


The nicer child-like side of Lucy's personality, she has a very limited vocabulary.

Professor Kakuzawa

Son of Director Kakuzawa, he leads the team trying to find the vaccine to the Diclonius virus. He also wishes to become the “God of the new race.”


A puppy that ran away from it owners. Mayu found him and now accomapnies her.


Kohta's cousin around his age and moves in with him at the inn. She in both versions has feelings for kouta.

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