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A anime adaptation of Lynn Okamoto's manga of Lucy a young Diclonius and her alternate personality Nyu in the quest to destroy all humans to make it a world for Diclonius because of the torture that they when though that made them grow to hate all humans


The setting is entirely based in Kamakura Japan never leaving the city and island in any part of the story


The major themes are psychology, fan-service, action, romance, Mature, Philosophy

The Major theme of the show is nature vs. nurture. Bacisly arguing whether it’s emotional suffer or the nature of man (Diclonius) that makes us violent and evil. Specifically the effects of isolation from society and the effects on children and what love and acceptance can do to the emotionally abused

Story start

The Diclonius mutants look like normal humans but because of the continuous painful tests that they when through they became emotionally unstable and set out to destroy all human. One manages to get out with the help of another Diclonius, but on the way to the shore she gets shot but doesn't die because of the metal helmet she had on; to organically to protect others around her. Although she may have survived she developed a split personality disorder. One is Nyu that at first can only say Nyu and is very Kind and emotionally stable however the other personality is Lucy who is the original person that is very emotionally unstable and is a murder that hates all humans except for one Kouta. Lusy as a child was always pick on by other children in her school because of the horns on her head that indicates that she is a Diclonius because of the bullying she misread other people to be the same so she hated them. Kouta however was nice to her and though her horns were cool and he help her to hide them and he even took her places to have fun, but Kouta had to go to a carnival with a cousin and out of jealousy Lucy asked if it was a boy or a girl. Kouta said it was a boy becasue he didnt want to upset her. Lucy soon found out that he was lying then she snapped and went on a rampage that scar Kouta a made his forget everything that happened from the rampage back. So when he saw Nyu on the beach naked he did remember her so he and his cousin took her in. from then on the government can find her because they usually find could of continuous unsolved murder but it mostly Nyu out and she doesnt hate humans. Lucy has invisible psychic arms that can destroy anything in a two-meter radius As one might expect with a show that could be described as Mahoromatic with mutants, the government soon dispatches a SWAT team to deal with the escaped life-form, causing Lucy to periodically lapse into berserk fits of Genocyber-like rage.However their is one stable Diclonious that does not seek to kill all humans because she became attached to Kurama she though of him to be her father.So instead of going crazy she did what ever Kurama wanted her to do so she toughened up and got though it all, but Kurama ask her to help kill Lucy. So Lucy and Nana ended up fighting and because of Mayu distracting her Lucy got a hold of her and tore off her limbs because of the Nana hated Lucy, but came to find out the Lucy had two personalities so she slowly begun to like her but mainly just Nyu. Yuka is Kouta's cousins; Yuka is obsessed with Kouta and always wants his attention and if she doesn't get it she hits him because they don't have the bond that they used to have before Kouta lost his memory. Yuka also eventually gets in to a Relationship with Kouta even though they're cousins, but Yuka sees that Kouta likes Nyu (Lucy) more. Yuka lived with Kouta and then Mayu, Nyu, and Nana all end up joining them over time. So they all end up protecting each other. Then Kouta gets his memory back seeing Lucy kill an inter SWAT team, but when Lucy tries to leave and kill all humans Kouta had already became to attached and fell in love with her knowing that she killed he father and sister.

Side note

A 2005 video sequel appears on the seventh Japanese DVD and is widely considered as the 14th episode. It focuses around a flashback to Lucy's past and a domestic chore for one of the team. Based on Lynn Okamoto's manga in Young Jump weekly, billed as an "action comedy romance," although there was never all that much comedy in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or indeed in Guantanamo Bay. The anime also makes several links to German themes, most notably in an opening sequence that refers to the artwork of Gustav Klimt and allusions to Eduard Mörike's 19th-century poem Elfenlied.

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 13
No Return
1 - 12
Quagmire - Taumeln
1 - 11
Complication - Vermischung
1 - 10
Infant - Saeugling
1 - 9
Reminiscence - Schoene Erinnerung
1 - 8
The Beginning - Beginn
1 - 7
Confrontation - Zufällige Begegnung
1 - 6
Innermost Feelings - Herzenswärme
1 - 5
Receipt - Empfang
1 - 4
Attack - Aufeinandertreffen
1 - 3
Deep Feelings - Im Innersten
1 - 2
Annihilation - Vernichtung
1 - 1
A Chance Encounter - Begegnung

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Naoyoshi Shiotani

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Name Elfen Lied
Name: エルフェンリート
Romaji: Erufin Riito
Publisher ARMS
Start Year 2004
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Aliases Elfen Song
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