Eleventh Slaughter

Eleventh Slaughter is an anime episode of Shiki that was released on 09/16/2010

Ikumi Itou tries to convince the village that the Kirishiki family are in fact vampires. Seishin Muroi confirms Sunako is indeed "Shiki". Meanwhile, Kyoko invites Tatsumi into the clinic. Toshio pays Kanemasa a visit together with most townspeople to confirm Ikumi's suspicions. However, it turns out that Seishirou Kirishiki has a pulse and really is human.

While Sotoba's villagers are debating the cause of the frequent deaths, the village shaman accuses the residents of Kanemasa mansion of being okiagari. No one around the village including her daughter believes her when she tells them their loved ones were killed by okiagari. Toshio is asked by people if the deaths are being caused by an epidemic, but he only tells them they should cremate any family members that die. Toshio and Seishin argue over the ethics of staking corpses before they become okiagari. Seishin discovers Sunako's secret. Toshio is confronted by the shaman and several villagers wanting the truth and he denies anything to do with okiagari, but when they won't leave he agrees he'll check the pulse of the father at Kanemasa mansion if he agrees to it. At the mansion, Seishirou Kirishiki - Sunako and Tatsumi's father - explains why his wife and daughter can't go outside during the daytime. Toshio checks Seishirou's pulse; Mr. Kirishiki has a normal pulse, body temperature, and respiration. That night, the shaman is tricked into rescuing a woman's family to get rid of her.

Points of Interest

- Toshiro is a doctor and he doesn't know where to examine peoples pulse. He said the pulse is normal but he is checking in the spot where no pulse can be sensed.

Characters & Voice Actors

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