Eleven Supernovas

Eleven Supernovas is a anime/manga concept
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The Eleven Supernovas are eleven pirate rookies that make up the next generation of great pirates. These are the pirates who survived the first stretch of the Grand Line.

The Eleven Supernovas
The Eleven Supernovas

The first half of the Grand Line is the ultimate test for all of those who wish to be King of the Pirates. The journey begins at the entrance of Reverse Mountain and each crew must follow their own path on the way to the second half known as the New World. Ever since the New Age of Piracy began with the execution of the previous Pirate King, Gold Roger. Eleven pirates that shown that they could survive, prosper, and make themselves infamous with the World Government. These eleven rookies are called The Eleven Supernovas, each with a bounty over 100,000,000 berries.

The Supernovas

Of all the Supernovas, only two are not captains of their crews'. Those are the pirates Zoro Roronoa and Killer. They are the first mates of their respective crews. They also appear to be the only ones who lack the power of the Devil Fruit.

Currently, Eustass Kid holds the highest bounty with Luffy just after him. This is explained that Kid's actions has resulted in civilian injuries. The events of Luffy striking the Celestial Dragon member, and the fall out of the Whitebeard War Arc have not been taken into consideration as of yet. The world is now also aware that Luffy is the son of the Revolutionary, Dragon.

NameSea Of OriginCrewAliasBountyCurrentDevil Fruit
Monkey D. LuffyEast BlueStraw Hat PiratesStraw Hat Luffy400,000,000ActiveGum-Gum Fruit
Roronoa ZoroEast BlueStraw Hat PiratesPirate Hunter Zoro120,000,000Activen/a
Trafalgar LawNorth BlueHeart PiratesSurgeon Of Death440,000,000FrozenOp-Op Fruit
Eustass KidSouth BlueKid PiratesCaptain Kid470,000,000ActiveUnknown
KillerSouth BlueKid PiratesMassacre Soldier162,000,000Activen/a
Jewelry BonneySouth BlueBonney PiratesBig Eater140,000,000UnknownUnknown
Basil HawkinsNorth BlueHawkins PiratesThe Magician320,000,000ActiveUnknown
X. DrakeNorth BlueDrake PiratesRed Flag222,000,000ActiveUnknown
Scratchmen ApooGrand LineOn Air PiratesRoar Of The Sea350,000,000ActiveUnknown
Capone BegeWest BlueFiretank PiratesCapone "Gang" Bege138,000,000ActiveUnknown
UrougeWhite SeaFallen Monk PiratesMad Monk108,000,000ActiveUnknown
General Information Edit
Concept Name Eleven Supernovas
Japanese Name: 11人の超新星
Romaji Name: jūichinin no chōshinsei
Aliases 11 Supernovas
jūichinin no chōshinsei
The Worst Generation
1st manga book: One Piece #51
1st anime episode: One Piece #392
1st anime movie:
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